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New Life (Angels on Earth)

There is life in this world. And with life comes Love and Happiness. It is not easy to be happy but if you let yourself believe you can be happy, then nothing can stop you from being happy. The little things in life that makes us happy. It is not the big things. They say that “Good things come in Small packages” so the next time you begin searching for the big things, remember that you don’t need big things to make you happy.

A new life. It could mean you want to begin your life afresh, that you want to change some things in your life and just make a new beginning. It could mean you have moved from where you once lived and are starting a new life in a different country or town or city or anywhere else. But in this case that is not what I’m refering to. No, not at all.

In this case, I’m talking about the joy of giving a life to one of God’s most precious gifts…a Baby. It is a beautiful moment, an unforgetable one. One that will last for all times to come. God has given us a gift. The gift of giving life to another. And today I was given the opportunity to feel that happiness. Oh, by the way…I’m talking as a second party…merely a witness…hehe. But you know what, I myself can not wait for that day I will be able to give that breath of life to one of God’s gift….To be able to rejoice in knowing God has given me such happiness in my life. Just wonderful.

So to all you people out there, be happy that you have a child. They are the Angels of this earth. Don’t let them perish, don’t abuse God’s gift. If you have a baby, please treasure them and love them, because they are the most precious and vulnerable treasures of the earth. Be happy, God Loves you, that is why he has given you such power! 🙂

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Keyshia Cole – You Complete Me

There is that one person who completes us. One person who makes us feel like there’s nothing more we could possibly need. We all look for that one person and yet we always some how find a way to lose them. Try to hold onto that person, they are very rare and hard to fnd. Love is Unique. Love is unconditional. Love is Forever!

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I said I wouldn’t Miss You

How many times do we let the things we love slip between our fingers? How many times do we let go of something only to regret it later and wish we had it back?If you really have something you love and care about, don’t push it away, don’t let it go so easily because at some point you will wish you had that love back and it would be just too late!Enjoy the little things you have now because one day you will wake up and realise they were the big things!

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Who amongst you does not dream? No one right. Every one dreams, at night while they are asleep, during the day while they are going about their every day lives. You might dream about becoming a millionnaire, or the best singer in your neighborhood, or you might dream about getting married and having a wonderful happy life, you might dream of making your mum happy and the list could go on and on…

Not everyone has happy dreams though. Some will be lucky if they even knew the meaning of dreaming. For others, the dreams they have are what you would call a nightmare and yet for them it’s the best possible outcome they have. But you know what, it doesn’t matter whether you dream or not. It doesn’t matter if you want to make it to the top or not. But what truly matters is that you stick to it. You fight for that dream to come true, or you fight to forget that nightmare that haunts you. Don’t let anybody or anything turn you away from your dreams because it is YOURS. You are the one who is fighting for it, you need it!

Here is a song that really inspired me and I hope as you listen to it you will learn the meaning of it. Big Dreams by Bow Wow.

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Moment 4 Life…Nicki Minaj ft Drake

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I See You..Leona Lewis

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Special and Memorable Dates…

To some people a date might just be another number on the calendar but to someone else it has a much broader and special meaning.

Many of us have special dates that we like to remember and ones that have wonderful memories we would never want to forget. It could be anything really, like a birthday date of a dear friend, a parent, a sibling, a lover or anyone else special. It could be an anniversary date, or just another date that has a memory of something that happened and changed your life in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. 

Special Dates

And it doesn’t have to be those kind of dates. For example, it could be a special event that is celebrated every year on that date, like  New Years or Christmas and Easter and any other religious celebrations. It could also be something like Mother’s day or Father’s day or St. Valentine’s day or any other St’s day.  It could be maybe an event that happened on that date, like the 11th September 2001 which was devastating or how the world remembers the 1st and 2nd World Wars and any other wars that might have taken place. All I mean is there are a lot of dates that many of us hold dear or remember for one reason or the other.

The reason I’m saying this is because for me today is a wonderful and special date to remember. It brings me happy memories, ones that I would never want to forget, memorable and precious. 24th….it doesn’t matter on what month it is, just that it happened on the 24th and so every month on the 24th I sit down and let the memories flood my mind and heart because they could never be washed away. It is not, however, the only date that is precious to me though. Of course there is my mother’s birthday and siblings and my loved ones and all.

So why don’t you find those special dates that you might have put aside or forgotten and see how much joy they can bring you. It will show you how the past can not really be forgotten and that it is a good thing to remember such memories, to drown yourself in them and just enjoy the good old days and the many that are to come.

Sometimes the past can bring you joy even if it once brought you pain! 😉

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