True Love

18 Mar

Is there really true love? Does everyone believe in happy endings? Would you really give anything to have that special someone be with you.

Well I can answer some of those questions for you. True love, yes it’s there. But it doesn’t mean it has a happy ending. You could love someone with every fibre in your body, with your heart and soul, and yet all that may not be enough. You might be willing to do anything for them, to have them and be with them and still it might not be enough. So what do you do?

Love is a strange thing. Inspite of the happiness it can bring, the joy and everything else, its pain is even worse. Unbearable at times and unfathomable in its effect. It makes you do crazy things, fall for crazy things but in the end you wonder if it is worth all the pain and struggle. Once you lose it, you would be surprised if you’ll ever get it back.

So don’t be surprised when you hear someone has ended their life because they have lost the one love they had put everything under. Sometimes, ending it all is better than living with the unbearable agony. Of trying to go through each day knowing that that one person you want more than anything is not going to be there by your side. How do you fathom life when that person isn’t there anymore?

When you do find true love, Try not to let it slip between your fingers. Don’t be stupid enough to let it go. You WILL regret it. Believe me, I know!


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