20 Mar

Hope…how many people actually believe in that? I mean hope is a strange thing. It’s having the strength to believe in something you are almost sure will never be. To have the will and be ready to fall and get hurt and almost lose everything but still believe that everything will be alright.

But if you know that you cannot have what you want, why do you keep fighting for it? How is it that you can find Hope and Believe that somehow it’s going to turn out just ok?

We don’t know really, that’s why it’s called Hope. It’s a bit like believing in the impossible. To believe in the deepest despairs and Hope that you will come out victorious.

Some of us give up too easily but sometimes those who can fight for what they want, they end up getting it.
Don’t stop believing in yourself or the people you love and trust. Not everyone will let you down. Have Hop, Have Faith!


Posted by on March 20, 2011 in Faith, Me. You. US


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2 responses to “Hope…Faith…Believe

  1. Prudence

    May 17, 2017 at 08:10

    Badet, I had to take my photo from a very low angle at where the bus dropped us off. The plaza in front of the towers is too near to take a decent shot of self + towers :DHannah, it#;2817&s one of my favorite photos from the trip actually! hahaha 🙂



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