The Truth Behind the Lie

22 Mar

The Boy who Lied


I’m sure many of you have heard of the story of Pinocchio; the wooden boy who whenever told a lie, his nose would elongate and become bigger and bigger until he told the truth, in which case it would reduce until it’s normal size.

Ever met someone who said to you “I’m not a liar?” or “I would never lie to you”? Just so you know…That is a lie. Everyone lies, whether intentionally or unintentionally, for one reason or the other.

Big Fat Liar

I watched this movie once called “Big Fat Liar”; don’t know how many of you have heard about it, but there’s this part they say that “The Truth is over-rated”.  Do you think it is? Frankly I don’t but I still think that many things are just made out of lies.



Liar Liar

There’s also that movie with Jim Carey “Liar Liar”. A lawyer who told so many lies all the time even to his boy that one day his son wished that he wouldn’t tell a single lie for one whole day.

Sometimes people tell lies to protect someone they care about but then, does that make it alright to lie? Does that exempt the fact that it’s still a lie?  I cannot say really, people lie for many reaons, but I think no matter the reason, it doesn’t change that it’s still a lie. Sure there are people we love, people we would do anything to protect, to make sure they are safe; but are we doing them right by lying to other people? Are we really protecting them? I doubt that they would appreciate you lying on their behalf.

If you are smart enough, you would realise that no matter how much you lie the truth will always come out. And the problem with telling a lie is that once you start one, it will only get bigger and bigger and then you will have no escape. By the time the truth comes out, you are the one who will lose everything and live with the regrets.

A lie is a lie. The truth always comes out one way or another!

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