Special and Memorable Dates…

24 Mar

To some people a date might just be another number on the calendar but to someone else it has a much broader and special meaning.

Many of us have special dates that we like to remember and ones that have wonderful memories we would never want to forget. It could be anything really, like a birthday date of a dear friend, a parent, a sibling, a lover or anyone else special. It could be an anniversary date, or just another date that has a memory of something that happened and changed your life in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. 

Special Dates

And it doesn’t have to be those kind of dates. For example, it could be a special event that is celebrated every year on that date, like  New Years or Christmas and Easter and any other religious celebrations. It could also be something like Mother’s day or Father’s day or St. Valentine’s day or any other St’s day.  It could be maybe an event that happened on that date, like the 11th September 2001 which was devastating or how the world remembers the 1st and 2nd World Wars and any other wars that might have taken place. All I mean is there are a lot of dates that many of us hold dear or remember for one reason or the other.

The reason I’m saying this is because for me today is a wonderful and special date to remember. It brings me happy memories, ones that I would never want to forget, memorable and precious. 24th….it doesn’t matter on what month it is, just that it happened on the 24th and so every month on the 24th I sit down and let the memories flood my mind and heart because they could never be washed away. It is not, however, the only date that is precious to me though. Of course there is my mother’s birthday and siblings and my loved ones and all.

So why don’t you find those special dates that you might have put aside or forgotten and see how much joy they can bring you. It will show you how the past can not really be forgotten and that it is a good thing to remember such memories, to drown yourself in them and just enjoy the good old days and the many that are to come.

Sometimes the past can bring you joy even if it once brought you pain! 😉

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