New Life (Angels on Earth)

31 Mar

There is life in this world. And with life comes Love and Happiness. It is not easy to be happy but if you let yourself believe you can be happy, then nothing can stop you from being happy. The little things in life that makes us happy. It is not the big things. They say that “Good things come in Small packages” so the next time you begin searching for the big things, remember that you don’t need big things to make you happy.

A new life. It could mean you want to begin your life afresh, that you want to change some things in your life and just make a new beginning. It could mean you have moved from where you once lived and are starting a new life in a different country or town or city or anywhere else. But in this case that is not what I’m refering to. No, not at all.

In this case, I’m talking about the joy of giving a life to one of God’s most precious gifts…a Baby. It is a beautiful moment, an unforgetable one. One that will last for all times to come. God has given us a gift. The gift of giving life to another. And today I was given the opportunity to feel that happiness. Oh, by the way…I’m talking as a second party…merely a witness…hehe. But you know what, I myself can not wait for that day I will be able to give that breath of life to one of God’s gift….To be able to rejoice in knowing God has given me such happiness in my life. Just wonderful.

So to all you people out there, be happy that you have a child. They are the Angels of this earth. Don’t let them perish, don’t abuse God’s gift. If you have a baby, please treasure them and love them, because they are the most precious and vulnerable treasures of the earth. Be happy, God Loves you, that is why he has given you such power! 🙂

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