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Tanzania-The Land of Kilimanjaro

Tanzania on the map of Africa

 Tanzania is a country situated on the Eastern part of Africa as you can see from the map, the green area. It shares borders with Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Tanzania was formerly known as Tanganyika, until the Union that took place on 26th April 1963 which was between Tanganyika and Zanzibar to form TANZANIA, which marked its 47th year on the 26th.

Map of Tanzania

  This map shows the different National Parks in Tanzania, not all of them are shown there but a few of them. They make up a lot of the beauty in Tanzania.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro. It’s truly beautiful and a wonderful place. The mountain is the symbol of the place, known as Moshi. A magnificent place to be. Hope you all who plan to go visit will enjoy the place as much!

Serengeti National Park

In short I just wanted to let you guys know about Tanzania’s Union day which was on the 26th April. Visit Tanzania, I am positive you are going to like the place. It’s beautiful, peaceful and just amazing.

Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro and the best National Parks you could ever find!


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Easter…Season of Miracles

A great deal of people do not believe in miracles or the possibility of the existence of miracles, and yet the greatest miracle of all time is performed right in front of our eyes every year we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ; and then Easter, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The death and resurrection of Jesus, is the biggest and most incredible miracle of all times, because nothing could ever exceed nor surpass it. On this day we call Easter, we celebrate the risen Christ, who had died and saved us from the damnation of our sins, and by rising from the dead, He has given us eternal life through Him.

Today as we celebrate Easter Sunday, let us remember those who do not have the privilege of such richness and luxury, let us love, help and cherish others the way Jesus did. He loved us so much that He was ready to be shamed, disgraced, humiliated, condemned and put to death by us sinners so that WE could be saved. Lets think of those less fortunate and have nothing on their plate, or a shelter or are disabled in any way, because in each one of those people we shunn or look at with a judging stare, we aren’t only judging them, we are judging Christ just the way we judged Him and put Him to death because of our sins, for He lives in each and every one of us!

Happy Easter to y’all. May God and the Risen Christ bless you today, tomorrow and every day of your life till the day the Great I am decides to take you and give you rest. Let Love Live in the Light!

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Listen To Me

I wish I knew where to begin

I wish I knew if you’ll still let me in

I’ve tried so hard to make you see

To make you believe in my words

Yet I’ve become like a pearl at the bottom of the sea

But no, I do not have its beauty

Nor its ability for rarety

Merely the unluckiness of being lost.

I would give everything just for you

To be able to look into your eyes once again.

I’m asking you not to lock me out

To just give me this one chance to explain

The words that are coming out of my mouth.

Do not walk away and turn your back on me

Oh, can’t you see you are the only one with a key

That would open my cage and set me free.

Hear the words that I have to say

Look into my eyes and see the truth that lies there

You know I never wanted things this way

But life to me didn’t play fair

It robbed me of you and your love

Just turn around and look at me

I am nothing without you

I can not stand and you know that is true

You are my strength, my happiness

You are my shield and comfort

Do not leave me undiscovered

Do not let me get lost

Do not let me become a ghost.

Hold me.

Help me.

Save me.

I need you because I cannot fathom life without you.


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Gifts (From God)

There is a eye that sees everything

There is a ear that hears every word

There is a mind that knows it all

There is a heart that loves above and beyond.

All that you see is being shown to you

Every word that you hear is being spoken to you

In each thought there is a mystery given

And through all your joy and happiness is the love showered upon you.

Be not afraid to accept each one of them,

Freely they have been given to you,

There are no rules, there are no conditions

They are gifts showered upon you.

The Lord that sees everything has seen you

The Lord that hears it all has heard you

The Lord that knows your troubles will heal you

The Lord that loves above all is loving you.

Have no fear in times of distress

Call to the Lord He will show you true happiness

Turn away from all that is wrong to the Lord

And He will give you rest and peace through His Word.

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Jesus is Good on this Friday

Titian's Ancona Crucifiction, 1558.

Image via Wikipedia

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabach-thani?”

The writing above to many of you has no meaning whatsoever and you probably do not care either, but let me elaborate it for you all. From the title of the post, you must understand that I’m talking about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Today is known as Good Friday to all Christians around the world and in all Heavens, the day that Jesus was betrayed to his enemies and condemned to death for our mistakes, our sins and selfishness.

My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”

Jesus, however, knew that He was going to be betrayed. He knew He was going to be put to death, just like He knew that Peter would deny Him three times before the cock-crew. And yet, He still went along, He still went willingly to His death; gave his hands and legs to be pierced with nails onto the cross He was forced to carry with its heavy weight. That cross He carried, was the sins of the world, our sins. Every living thing put Him on that cross, made Him bleed and die.

And yet you know what hurts the most, it’s not that we put Him there about 2000 years ago, it’s the fact that we put Him there every time that we sin, every time that we go against His commandments and disobey God, we put Jesus right back onto that cross. On this day we look at the day that Jesus was denied by Peter,  abandoned by His friends and betrayed by Judas of Iscariot into the hands of the people who condemned Him to the death onto the cross. It is a sorrowful passion, one that should touch our hearts and make us repent for our mistakes, our sins and our wrong ways, because it was not only Judas who betrayed Jesus, it wasn’t only Peter who denied Him, nor was it only His disciples who scattered and abandoned Him; it is all of us who did that to Him. Today,  we are called to follow His example and abandon our devious ways and open our hearts to Him, because He is the one who gave up His life for us, the one who loves us unconditionally and will always be there waiting for us to go to Him.

Today, on this day, we have crucified Him, we have put Him to death and with His blood, He has washed away our inequity and cleansed us from our sins, He has given us a new life and a new chance to lead a different kind of life, to follow a new path that would be pleasing to our God in Heaven. He has given us the opportunity to call upon Him when we are in trouble, in pain or anguish, when we need help and love, through Him, we can have all of that and more.

Jesus says to us, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”


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Decade of Action (YOURS)


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How many people know about Road Safety? How many people take precautions about Road Safety? Not many right. There’s a saying that goes like, “Better safe than sorry”. And I know that everyone wants to be and feel safe, but why is it that no one is making the effort to make that happen? Sure some people do, but if you truly want to be safe, you also need to warn your neighbor about being safe so that you know if he/she is acting on being safe then you are also safe. You could say “I don’t care about others as long as I’m safe” but you are wrong, because if your neighbor doesn’t know how to be safe, then you are not safe because they could do something that would harm your safety.

This is where roads and driving come in. When you are driving, you might be a safe driver, but the driver next to you might not be and then you are both in danger. Many people die because of Road Accidents, and many of these people are children, our very future of tomorrow.

The World Health Organization (WHO)– a branch of the United Nations– has begun a new project on Road Safety, actually it has been a while since it was introduced, but it is now being further enforced and will be launched on 11th May 2011, exactly a month from tomorrow really. The project is called Decade of Action for Road Safety and is being promoted by Youth for Road Safety with its President, Floor Lieshout and Nellie Ghusayni as the programme officer. The first Regional Youth for Road Safety Assembly took place in Oman on 19-21 February 2011 and consisted of many Youths from at least 21 different countries.

Anyway, Road Safety is a major issue and has become globally known to be a major cause of death and other dangers. It is important that you all know about road safety, because it might be someone else today but it could be you tomorrow. We all know the dangers that cause road accidents and just to name a few they are such as, Drinking, Talking on the phone, Texting, driving without a Seatbelt and many others that are a danger to yourself and the people around you.

If you would like to know more about road safety and actions that are being taken and if you would like to contribute in any way just follow the following links:!/roadsafetydecade!/OmanYouthRoadSafety

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The Will (My Work)

The Will                          19.02.2011 


Like a flower in spring

Like the river flowing from a spring

Like a parent who knows what is best

They’ll watch you blossom like the flower in spring

They will nurture you as you flow and grow like the water-spring

And when the time comes they will let you leave their nest

Let you spread your wings like a freed bird.

The journey will be long

Make your will stronger

There are accidents

There are opportunities

You will lose yourself in trying to find yourself

There will be fear and there will be tears

Your ‘will’ will get you through most of it

Self-confidence and believe is the greater key

In gaining some, you will lose a lot

From your peers you will seek comfort

Perseverance will keep you coming forward

You can trip, you can fall

But never stay on the ground

The journey is still long

Your wings are merely fractured

And with a helping hand from a friend

You will await them to mend


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