Fools of April!

01 Apr

Sadly, I got nothing to say.  I mean back then I might have got something to say, but now like someone posted in another post, social media has kind of ruined that fact. Jokes are everywhere and well the only thing that still marks April Fool’s day is merely its name…sadly.

I’m only writing this post to mark the first day of the new month. I wish I had a joke to share but sadly none come to mind…I’m not really a joke person..I mean I love jokes but I just suck at making them! lol. But yeah I think some of you might have some jokes

Although other people’s jokes are not so funny, more offensive really, and a lot of them are just simply stupid. Anyway sorry I can’t give you a joke, I just wanted to write a post to commemorate the 1st April 2011, it just happened to be on the prank day…hehe! Hope some of you actually had a few practical jokes though that you enjoyed! 😉

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