Awakening (Faith in God)

02 Apr

I was sleeping. It sounds pretty normal putting it that way right? Well all I can say is that I am Awake. You must be wondering awake from what, and when and how, and of course what I really mean. Well it’s simple really. I had an awakening from God.

I wouldn’t know in what way to explain it to you, or how to tell you what I’ve undergone and how it has changed me, but all I can tell you is that I have become closer to God than I’ve ever been since I’ve known and been educated about Him. He has opened my heart and my eyes, He has shown me how much He loves me and will always be there for me. I have found what I’ve been searching for, for so long, when I’d had it all along.

I have realised that as long as I have Him by my side, I shall not fear, as long as I let Him guide my life, I shall not falter or fall. He has so much to offer, so much in store for me and I just need to accept and acknowledge Him in my life, to believe that He is Lord, and He loves me, and He will never abandon me. And that is exactly what I have done, what I am doing, letting God take control of my life, letting Him guide and show me the right path. For once in my life, I’m chosing to rely on God, I’m chosing to forget about my selfish ways and thinking I know what I’m doing and just letting God take complete control.

To all my fellow believers out there, don’t rely on your own understanding, ask God for guidance and help, and you will never be alone, you will never be lonely or afraid, He will help you when you call out to Him, He will heal you from your wounds, physical, emotional, spiritual, and any other kind of pain you might be going through. Learn to forgive those who have hurt you and pray for them, and our Father in Heaven will Bless you abundantly!

Believe that God Loves you and wants you to be happy and believe me, you will be Happy. God Loves each and everyone of us. Whether you are a sinner or a believer, a giver or forgiver, God loves you the way you are. I once wrote a post about “True Love”, and I said that true love does exist, which is true, but you know something? True love might exist, but who says it lasts? Who says that true love is everlasting, and that you can always trust that person and rely on them no matter what? Sure, they love you and want to be there for you, they say things like “I’ll never hurt you” or “I’ll always be there for you”, but in the end just end up doing just the opposit. But you see, there is true Love and there is Pure Love. And this is where God comes in. 

From the Lord alone can you obtain this Pure Love, from Him alone can you find the real meaning of a love that is unconditional, everlasting and forgiving and just simply, Beautiful and PURE!  Trust in Him, Believe in Him, have Faith in Him, and let Him be your Hope and everything will be alright.

He is my strength, He is my Fortress. Let Him be yours and He will NEVER abandon you.

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