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09 Apr

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How many people know about Road Safety? How many people take precautions about Road Safety? Not many right. There’s a saying that goes like, “Better safe than sorry”. And I know that everyone wants to be and feel safe, but why is it that no one is making the effort to make that happen? Sure some people do, but if you truly want to be safe, you also need to warn your neighbor about being safe so that you know if he/she is acting on being safe then you are also safe. You could say “I don’t care about others as long as I’m safe” but you are wrong, because if your neighbor doesn’t know how to be safe, then you are not safe because they could do something that would harm your safety.

This is where roads and driving come in. When you are driving, you might be a safe driver, but the driver next to you might not be and then you are both in danger. Many people die because of Road Accidents, and many of these people are children, our very future of tomorrow.

The World Health Organization (WHO)– a branch of the United Nations– has begun a new project on Road Safety, actually it has been a while since it was introduced, but it is now being further enforced and will be launched on 11th May 2011, exactly a month from tomorrow really. The project is called Decade of Action for Road Safety and is being promoted by Youth for Road Safety with its President, Floor Lieshout and Nellie Ghusayni as the programme officer. The first Regional Youth for Road Safety Assembly took place in Oman on 19-21 February 2011 and consisted of many Youths from at least 21 different countries.

Anyway, Road Safety is a major issue and has become globally known to be a major cause of death and other dangers. It is important that you all know about road safety, because it might be someone else today but it could be you tomorrow. We all know the dangers that cause road accidents and just to name a few they are such as, Drinking, Talking on the phone, Texting, driving without a Seatbelt and many others that are a danger to yourself and the people around you.

If you would like to know more about road safety and actions that are being taken and if you would like to contribute in any way just follow the following links:!/roadsafetydecade!/OmanYouthRoadSafety

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