Gifts (From God)

23 Apr

There is a eye that sees everything

There is a ear that hears every word

There is a mind that knows it all

There is a heart that loves above and beyond.

All that you see is being shown to you

Every word that you hear is being spoken to you

In each thought there is a mystery given

And through all your joy and happiness is the love showered upon you.

Be not afraid to accept each one of them,

Freely they have been given to you,

There are no rules, there are no conditions

They are gifts showered upon you.

The Lord that sees everything has seen you

The Lord that hears it all has heard you

The Lord that knows your troubles will heal you

The Lord that loves above all is loving you.

Have no fear in times of distress

Call to the Lord He will show you true happiness

Turn away from all that is wrong to the Lord

And He will give you rest and peace through His Word.

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Posted by on April 23, 2011 in Faith, Me. You. US, Tori's Poetry


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