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The Struggle For Success

Success. It’s a long and hard road isn’t it? Everyday we wake up and right for that success. We put our energy and hope in the things we do because we long for that moment of success, of joy and happiness, but mostly that feeling of achievement.

No it’s not easy. But then again, nothing is in life. The only way to achieve success as we know is through education and that’s where the struggle begins. The reason I’m writing this post about success is because I’ve been struggling with MY education; been trying so hard to make it and though I’m merely half way there, I’m so happy that I’ve made it this far. I’ve been struggling for so long to do my university application, but with God’s grace, I’ve mnged to finally make it and now I’m just praying He will make it possible for me to attend the university of my choice.

So, ye, maybe there’s still a lot of struggling but with time I can make it. I know that I still have a long way to go, but we are all always filled with such joy when we complete something no matter how small the task it. Though many may say that “it is not the destination that matters but the journey”, I think the destination matters a lot. Sure we learn a lot of the way, but the true joy comes with accomplishment.

Never Give up. Never Quit. Never Lose Hope. Life is a never-ending journey not a one day trip!

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Unappreciated (Women)

There is no greater harm than being unappreciated, especially by the people we wish to be noticed and appreciated by. We can be unappreciated from love, from our work and performances, unappreciated from our efforts and all that we do.  Yes, we all have that sense of being unappreciated and yet, I believe the greatest disappointment is how much men do not appreciate women and their efforts.

Most men do not realise the amount of pain that women go through for their sake, the amount of trouble and great suffering they go through for them. You may find these days a lot of men who beat their wives because they cannot control themselves, because they are drunk and just because they feel like it and want something to punch on. Is that what women have been degraded to? Is that what they are sentenced to? Enduring more torment for men than necessary, to live like a punching bag? Is that what they are worth? Pain and suffering? And for what? For what?

No, women are not appreciated like they should be, they are not given the respect they deserve, instead they are treated like animals, terrorized and abused. Women are raped everyday, and that is not only women, but young children and kids who are molested by some perverts who have no shame; the lowest of the lowest. Is that really the way to treat women, is that what they are subjected to? Abuse, pain, torment? And all that for what? Women keep up with all that for what?

No, we do have the power to leave, we do have the power to make a life for ourselves, and yet we chose to keep up with it, we chose to keep up with the abuse and pain and the in-appreciation from men. It’s true, men have the power to hurt us, but only because we give them that power, only because we let them have that power.

To all the men out there who have so little appreciation for the women in their lives and in the world in general, you only have the power to hurt us because we let you have it. The only reason you can hurt us is because we let you do that. You might think we are stupid in doing that, but someone’s got to have hope in this world; hope that someday you might change, open your eyes and see that we deserve to be appreciated and respected.

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Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Trailer – Official (HD)

Yeap, more of them. Ok I think I’m going to stop for now. But i’ll upload more of my favourites videos/movies some other time, but if you got any favourites you would like me to upload, well you know where to find me! 😉

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Soul Surfer Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Just posting more of the videos/movies not to be mised this year. If you like my videros why don’t you follow me on and view the res tof my videos! 😉

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Movies NOT to Be Missed

“Thor” is a wonderful movie, full of action and comedy. It’s really awesome, a movie not to be missed for this year, trust me! hope you enjoy it half as much as I did.

Then here comes Pirates of the Caribbean. This is one of my favourite movies ever. And this one looks just like one of the best. Especially in 3D!hehe…Don’t miss it people!

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A Movie Loner

So we all know that when anyone wants to go watch a movie, they always look for their friends for company. Someone to talk to, laugh with and share the jokes, and drama and actions that take place. But how many people actually just wake up one day and say I want to go watch a movie by myself, because I feel like it. Not many right?

Well you tell me, is it wrong for someone to go to a movie alone? Is it a crime? I mean sure you wont laugh with the people you know, but you can still laugh with the people who are watching it with you in the hall right? I say, if you want to watch a movie alone without your friends bugging you, asking you for popcorn, or drinks, or if u got the part or whatever, then just go and enjoy the movie alone. Once in a while, you need to just go out on your own and enjoy spending time by yourself.

Stop worrying of what people would think if they saw you going to a movie alone and just enjoy going out. Enjoy living life your way and enjoy being different. In short enjoy being YOURSELF! If watching a movie alone is what you want, then why the heck not do it? haha

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Royal Wedding vs Osama Bin Laden

Prince William and Kate

So here is Prince William and his newly bride, Kate (don’t know her last name ,sorry fellas but yea). Anyway so they just got married like 3-4 days ago or something like that. All the spark is on them and everyone’s talking about them. It’s like, that’s all there is to talk about what…or so we thought…Little did we know…

Osama Bin Laden

Guess what happens….*drumm rolls*….boom, Osama Bin Laden is dead. The most wanted man in the world and mostly the USA. A guy who they’ve been searching for in the past decade. A man…ok he really isn’t a man, because I mean come on, the guy killed more than a thousand people without so much as a blink, you can hardly call a person like that a “man”. So anyway, let’s just say Osama, the one who killed a lot of people in the USA on the 11th September, a date that is up to today commemorated and gives an opportunity to the people who lost their loved ones a moment of solemnity; has finally been killed himself.

Anyway in short, that’s how you steal the spark from the royalty…Kill the most wanted man in the world..and boom, royal wedding just became history!

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