A Movie Loner

04 May

So we all know that when anyone wants to go watch a movie, they always look for their friends for company. Someone to talk to, laugh with and share the jokes, and drama and actions that take place. But how many people actually just wake up one day and say I want to go watch a movie by myself, because I feel like it. Not many right?

Well you tell me, is it wrong for someone to go to a movie alone? Is it a crime? I mean sure you wont laugh with the people you know, but you can still laugh with the people who are watching it with you in the hall right? I say, if you want to watch a movie alone without your friends bugging you, asking you for popcorn, or drinks, or if u got the part or whatever, then just go and enjoy the movie alone. Once in a while, you need to just go out on your own and enjoy spending time by yourself.

Stop worrying of what people would think if they saw you going to a movie alone and just enjoy going out. Enjoy living life your way and enjoy being different. In short enjoy being YOURSELF! If watching a movie alone is what you want, then why the heck not do it? haha

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Posted by on May 4, 2011 in Me. You. US, Social Life



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