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Here’s a funny story. So in July I’m getting all ready to begin my university experience right? and I’m like, wow, this is finally it, I’m finally going to live that experience that so many people are busy blabbing about. I’m all excited you know, like a kid going on her first day to school and all…I had so many expectations, dreams, and the way I thought about it, unbelievably experimental….But boy was I disappointed! Yes you heard me…DISAPPOINTED! From day one, I was like heck no this isn’t happening!

The biggest problem really is that…it turned out we were almost more like attending a high school than a university institute. Dress Code…Yeap, that was and still is our problem. The new rule introduced was no trousers..for girls that is. Only skirts and dresses. You have no idea what a chaos that has turned out to be. They think it is a success, and well to some extent it is…Girls have agreed to not wear trousers and all, but ask yourself this one question…what kind of skirts or dresses are they wearing now! If you yourself were a girl attending this uni, and saw how these girls dressed, you might end up being ashamed of actually being one. The skirts have no limit, the shirts/t-shirts have no limits…it’s crazy and just simply disgusting in my view.

What I don’t understand is that, in all this where does the word Universal which is really University, come in? A University is supposed to be a place where people are givent he chance to make their own decisions. It is supposed to be a place where young adolescents are treated like adults. And yet we here are treated like children, given the type of clothes to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it. Yes a lot of people don’t really know how to dress, but introducing no trousers rule, is probably the worst decision that SAUT has made. Personally I think trousers are a better and more respectable clothes to wear than skirts and dresses or whatever. I mean seriously, skirts over trousers…Did they take the time to consider how those skirts would actually be worn?

End of the day…Skirts….Bad move SAUT!

p..s sorry I’ve been so quiet for so long but would be trying to post more often now. hope you missed me…xoxo

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