07 Mar

Blood is Thicker than Water

You may find the title a little bit curious right? Well I don’t see anything curious in it other than two words that may be combined to form one word. First you have the word Relation, to mean relativity, in accordance to, along with and so many other ways. And then you have the word Ship to mean heavy constructed transports moving on water.

So what is it that drives me to write about these two words. First of all, we know when two things are related no matter how much you try to, you just can not separate them. People always say, “Blood is thicker than water” so, how do you separate two things that are so closely related to one another? Quite impossible right? And then you have the word Ship. Though these things make traveling over water very practical and quick, they aren’t exactly 100% reliable, as proven by that major incident of the famous Titanic. I mean at the end of the day, these ships are prone to sink. So, how is it that these words come together to form one thing? RELATIONSHIPS!

A relationship is a union between two people. Interested in one another and wanting to develop an understanding and likability of each other through that relationship. Two things of the complete opposite and yet totally complementing one another. Relation or relative is almost impossible to break, Ship is safe but not 100% reliable. But these two forces when combined together they make a great combination. A relationship is a strong bond that can not be completely broken once it has been built. Even when those two people drift apart, what they once had and shared will still be there, and that will be the Relationship, though it is prone to sink, it will never be completely forgotten, it will live on.

Nevertheless, I would like to give one important advice to all my fellows out there, who have been in relationships and been broken, who are in relationships and those who are planning on getting into a relationship. To those who’ve been in a relationship. just because it ended it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, nor the end of your love life, opportunities are still there, you just need to search. Stop thinking of what you lost, stop thinking of just the past and wishing you could go back. Once something has happened and passed, then let it be in the past, if it was meant to be yours then it would have remained with you on that path, but if you find yourself in the front and it is back there, then it just ain’t supposed to be with you. Let it go and move on. If you keep living in the past, you will lose a whole lot more than just that one thing/person. Stop living in the past and just enjoy the moment.

For those who are in relationships, put your best effort into it. Don’t underestimate who/what you have. It might not be the best but when you lose it, trust me, it will be. So hold on tight to what you got because a lot of people are looking for it and haven’t been able to find it. But also remember that there is never a 100% guarantee that things will turn out for the best. It doesn’t, however, mean that you shouldn’t be 100% committed to it, you have to be so you can truly enjoy what you got.

And for those who are planning to get into a relationship, I just have one advice for you: Be ready for anything! In a relationship anything can happen. You may be attracted to another person, or your partner may be, you may be jealous or the other way around. You/your partner may cheat, either one of you might get tired of the other, you will definitely fight over nothing and everything. In short, anything can happen, so please don’t blame the other before you truly know what is going on. And be attentive to one another. COMMUNICATION is the key. If you can’t communicate you might as well just end everything. Just remember, you will experience a lot of pain amongst the greatest joys and happiness!

Relationships are simply complicated that way but at the end of the day, among the disappointment there is great satisfaction.

Blood is Thicker than Wat…

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