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In Memory of…a loved one

The pain of losing someone you love dearly is unrealistic, and when you are aware of the reasons and ways in which that loved one lost the gift of life, it is even more cruel to contemplate.

Recently I had the very bad misfortune of losing a very close and treasured friend of mine. His name was William Msuya. The first time I met William was in Form Three and I remember how he strolled into the classroom with such swagger that the whole class erupted in laughter, and he had a cracked tooth (the one right at the front). We became very fast friends and we did a lot of stupid and crazy things together. He dated this girl Bernadetha and I know they really loved each other. Berna was the one who told me about his fatal death, and at first I really thought she’d been lying to me because it was right the day after April Fool’s day; but alas, she was not.

What happened is that he was dating a Malaysian girl, and some guys didn’t like it, though William tried hard to get a ticket to bring him back home, he just couldn’t make it and those heartless people took his life from him. My dear friend, whom I’d been talking to barely two weeks past was taken, a son, a brother a, lover, a hommie, a husband and father to be…never to be again…May His Soul Rest in Peace.

William was vibrant, funny, interesting, friendly, lovable, caring and so many other things and he inspired so many people and helped a lot more in so many ways. Once he had been lost but there was a time I could talk to him and I’d feel that he has changed and was still changing. There never will be another like him.

My only regret is to not have spent more time with him, talked to him more, done more things with him, but you know what, it’s just a little bit too late for that. So here’s my advice to y’all out there who have a loved one and are not taking the time to be close to them and merely taking them for granted, life/time will not wait around for you to wake up and realize you need to live your life. It will pass you by like a flash of light and you will not know what hit you, but by the time you realize that, it WILL be too late. Just stop regretting and wishing for the unattainable and just be grateful for what you have, you don’t know when you might lose it. There’s no time for “What ifs,” trust me.



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