Old is Gold only if it’s not Cold

13 Aug

True Friends

Old is Gold only if it’s not Cold

They say Old is Gold. Sometimes I wonder if that’s just a saying or is it for real. I mean yes it’s good to treasure the old things and not throw them away when something new and good comes along. But sometimes things happen, and you realize that the old isn’t so golden after all; that what you have now is better than what you had before.

What is the old doesn’t appreciate you as much as the new one does. What if the old one does not remember you as much as the new one does. Should one then hang onto the old one just because it’s said to be Gold? Sometimes it’s good to let go of the old and appreciate the new because if you keep looking back then how are you ever going to move ahead and appreciate the new things in your life?

If old friends decide to give you the cold shoulder, where is the point in preserving them and being miserable if they do not share the same care as you give.  Why make yourself miserable for someone who doesn’t spend a sweat on you? Don’t spend too much caring about others and forgetting to care about yourself.

Old is Gold…only if it’s not Cold.

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