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The Lives We Lead

How many mistakes ought we to make before we realize the impact of our actions? How many people ought we to keep hurting before we realize that they are human beings with a heart and feelings.

We always hurt people and then make excuses out of them. Saying sorry isn’t always going to make things right. It isn’t always that you can say sorry and things will be ok. There are things that no matter how many times you say sorry, they will NEVER again be ok. It’s like when someone performs abortion and then finds an excuse for it. Thinking that just by saying sorry then everything will be ok. Well it doesn’t become alright. Because the baby will not be back, it will not be brought back just by saying sorry. Well it doesn’t!!

So, what kind of life do we exactly lead? The mistakes we make, do we ever think  of the consequences? Do we ever think of the people we hurt? Or do we just do things because it makes us happy and it doesn’t matter who we hurt in the process? What kind of people are we? We would step on anyone just to get what we want? To please our own needs?

Well that’s not good enough? That’s not worth the crap! Everyone deserves to be happy but it doesn’t mean we have to step on other people’s toes to get there? That is just stolen happiness and twisted!

Cross-check the life you lead before you begin judging another person’s!

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