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The Unconditional Love of God

Do you ever wonder of the things that makes you lose focus of what you ought to do? As a person? As a friend? As a sibling? As a Christian or whatever belief you might belong to? Do you ever stop and ask yourself “Why do I keep falling in the wrong direction?”

It is merely the little things that we let control our thoughts, mind and body that puts us apart from what we really ought to be doing. A path is laid out for us to follow, and the rules have been set, simple as that. All we have to do is follow them and everything will just go smoothly and right. So what is it that makes it so hard to follow that path and do just what is really required of us?


The Things that separate us from the love God has for us…

God gave us ten commandments to follow in order to lead a proper Christian life, free of sin. But those laws now seem to only be present on the pressed pages of the Bible. No one seems to be even aware of their existence any more other than that they exist somewhere in the Bible. We are told that no matter how many times we fall into sin, if we repent and are truly sincere of our repentance then God will forgive us and continue loving us. With such amount of love, unconditionally, why is it still so easy for us to fall into sins?

Are the things on Earth really all that worth losing the love of God? Is killing, adultery, envy, pride, hate and lies really worth giving up that unconditional Love that God has for us? We constantly fall into sins without second thoughts and takes us forever to realize how much we have diverged from God, how big we have let a wedge be driven between us. One day you wake up and realize you have lost the most important love of all…God’s Love.


The bigger the sins, the bigger the wedge between us and God

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It’s not about having safe sex, it’s about stopping all together!


People wonder why there is no cure for HIV/AIDS. Like seriously? Ever think that maybe, just maybe, God is actually punishing us for our sins?
Think about it, one of the laws that God asked us to keep is not commit adultery, to remain pure until we meet the one person we will spend the rest of our lives together. But who follows that anymore?
A person is married but still has outside partners. Why shouldn’t he/she be punished? The biggest player in the transmission of HIV/AIDS is sex. People should learn to stop complaining about the spread of the disease and stop trying to find a cure and instead give up sleeping around.
They say “prevention is better than cure” so instead of telling people to have safe sex, they should stop having sex all the time and everywhere with people they do not even wish to see again or have any future with.
All that God ever asked was for us to stay pure, have one true partner and remain honest and faithful. Maybe the reason the world can’t find a cure for HIV/AIDS is because there isn’t one and the only way to prevent it is to stop being so sinful and having sex with anyone.
It’s not about having safe sex, it’s about having sex with just the one person God has/will bring your way. Think about it.


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