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Happy Birthday Jesus


So Jesus has been born. The Savior we all hope would always be there for our redemption and self-righteousness.
Preople celebrate and sing and buy gifts and eat and drink and blablablabla….but who really remembers the meaning of Christmas? Who can say that Christmas spirit isnt just about preesents and trees and food and drinking? People spend their days looking for the best Christmas tree, for the best Christmas present, the best foods and drinks…is that really what. Christmas is all about these days? Is it all that it represents?

Children growing up and taught to believe in Santa Claus instead of Jesus. Is that for real? The whole point of Christmas is to believe in the coming of the Messiah, the saviour sent from up above for our sake, for our salvation, but instead parents are teaching their kids to believe in Santa Claus rather than Jesus, the true reason why Christmas even exist in the first place!

We have to stop for a moment and ask ourselves, where is Jesus born in our life? How have you prepared yourself for His coming? Are you ready to receive what He has brought? Are you ready to be saved? 

We need to wake up and re-learn the true meaning, the reason why we truly celebrate Christmas, the coming of Christ…before it’s too late. I went to Church on Christmas Eve and the priest said, Jesus was  not born in Bethlehem, yes technically he was, but that was only the physical appearance, but the day Mary gave birth to Jesus, HE was born in each and everryone of us. He was born in you, He was born in me and He was born to all of us!

Start believing in Jesus Christ
Start believing that he has come for you
He needs you to believe that He can save you
He needs you to let Him save you.
No matter what, He has come for your sake.

Teach your children to believe in the power of Christ as their saviour rather than Santa Claus who will put presents under the Christmas tree. The Gifts that Christ brings are far much greater than anything that Santa could ever give to your children!


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