Letting go and taking chances

02 Jan

So the new year has kicked off. The beginning of what everyone wants to be the start of something new. The year has began and we are all hoping that it will betterr than the last. That we will find better friends, better people to trust, better lover, better jobs, better everything.
We all began the year differently with our different expectations and hope and prayers. We all began with different issues that defined how we were going to get through the year and somehow we got through it. Maybe not how we imagined it, or how we hoped it will go through, but someone, one step at a time, we got through it.
Some of the people we loved dearly werent so lucky to get through it, some of them were unfortunately left behind…but our prayers are still with them and in our hearts they have moved ahead with us, they have made it to 2014 with us.

So once again here we go. The year has began and we are looking forward with new expectations and hopes. Whatever happened last year, no matter what we went through the last year, no matter how tough it got, no matter how much we wanted to give up, through it all we held our heads up high and kept walking right through it and stepped into 2014. Life gets harder every day and challenges are all around us but as long as we persevere we can just make it through anything.

Here is a chance to amend our wrongs, lay a new path to tread and pray to God to pave the way for us.
To all who made it to 2014, welcome. Be thankful to God that you have made it this far and keep praying for those who didn’t.
God bless you all in this year and remember to always keep your head held high.

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