There’s Always a Choice

30 Jan

Some people think that life is limited on your position, in the society we live or the people that surrounds us. But those are just excuses.
Every person has a choice no matter the kind of life we live. We end up where we are because of the choises we make. If you think that you don’t have a choice and remain in the position you are, well to me that pretty much seems like a choice you just made. You choose to think you dont have a choice and therefore stay in your position. Maybe if you had taken the initiative to believe you could move from that position then things might have turned out differently for you. We all shape our own lives. Where we are today is a result of the choices we made yesterday.

We do not choose to be born in a poor family, or to be born black/white, handicapped or whole, Asian or Arab, Christian or Muslim but at the end of the day we have a choice. In spite where or who we are born as, we grow up and we see life from a different perspective, we realize the choices before us and how we can exploit them, it is up to us to reach out and grab them. Staying idle and expecting that things will work themselves out is like getting sick and not going to the hospital and expecting the disease to just go away. That is simple hypocrisy.  We are our own person and therefore have our own lives to shape. Don’t just sit idly by and expect someone else to make the choices for you.

If yesterday was a mistake, then make today right. People always say “forget yesterday and just live for today” but truth is yesterday defines what our today is. The wrong choice we made yesterday has affected how we view things today and therefore is a constant companion in our present life reminding us of what we need to change. So no, I do not believe that we should forget the past nor can we actually completely do so. The past is who we were, it is not who we are, but the past and the present is what makes our future, it is what molds our future. The choice lies in if we choose to let the past be the present or if we take the past and change our present for the betterment of our future. Don’t throw away your past, it is a part of you and therefore a chance to make the pesent right.

If we are always told by our families not to forget who we are and where we came from then that should also apply to how we make our own choices in our lives. Life is full of choices and no matter our position WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!

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