I love you

07 Feb

How powerful can three simple words make a life so damn complicated. How is it that a simple “I love you” can make ones life so restless.
I knew I loved you from the day I first saw you. I knew I was in trouble when I laid my eyes on you and let that stupid smile of yours capture my attention.
I did all I could to fight it, told myself a hundred times that it was nothing and I will get over it soon. I thought it’s just an attraction, it goes away eventually and i’ll move on. But then I had a crush n I thought well its just a crush right it cant be anything serious. So I let it be.
So where the hell did I go wrong, where did I let myself get so stupid and so close. When did it become ok to say “i love you” and then just let myself think it’s safe…when?
When your lips touched mine, I felt like I was drowning in an ocean and there was no chance there was going to be a rescue team…so I drowned and I still feel like im drowning because you pulled out….and then I really had no one to pull me back up. I lost myself in you and I dont know how and if im ever getting out.
I love you.
Words that are meant to bring joy to someone
Instead all I got is pain and an ocean to drown in.
But I still love you because I dont know what else to do. Its all I know.
I love you

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Posted by on February 7, 2014 in Drama, Social Life, The Globe


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