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I can’t breath, the air coming out of my nose
I can’t breath, the thoughts ringing inside my head
I can feel my body spasming
My hands reaching out
Seeking to wreck the pain growing inside me
I can feel my throat blocking out
The sound threatening to come forth
Trying so hard not to let it show
The shake and pacing
The anger building up inside
Yet the hurt and agony is so much stronger
I want to scream,  the pain will leave
I want to scream, the anger will fade
Give me a moment
I will pull it together
No, I can not
Give me a chance
I will give you everything
No, I already did
But there is nothing for me
I can see that
I can feel it
Yet here I am
I want to scream
But I cannot breath
You have taken it away
You have shut me off
Cut off my oxygen and left me to choke
The thoughts grow louder
My mind feels like an experiment gone wrong
Chemicals mixed without compatibility
So loud inside, its going to explode
I can’t breath
Please, somebody, anybody
Give me a bag of oxygen
There is no going back
I am choking on my own silence
I wanna be free
But I am locked
In your cage, there just is no escape!

I can’t breath…

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