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Have You Ever Seen Tomorrow?

What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you open your eyes in the morning? Some would be groaning because it’s early morning and they have to get out of bed and go about their chores. Some would probably start thinking about yesterday’s events. Others would spend the day thinking about what they have prepared for the day and how they will get through it. Some would even wish that morning wouldn’t come.

Yet, very few people would take the time to just thank God that they are looking at a new day. To simply take reverence in such an opportunity to wake up once again and live yet another day. Most of us just take for granted that we are alive to live another day, without thinking that some people have not lived to see another day, or have not woken in good health.

Each day we wake up and see the bright sun, it is a sign of hope from God. He has shown us that we still have a chance to make something different, to change our behavior, thoughts, actions and way of life. It is hope that He still believe we can change and He is giving us that opportunity to do so. Hope in a better us. In a better future. We spend hours of thinking what we will do next week, next month, next year, or where we will be in ten years from now, when in actuality we should just spend a day thinking of what we can do today, NOW.

“Have you ever seen tomorrow?” Once i heard this quote and it made me think. We never see tomorrow, because we are in today. Yet most of us spend the time trying to live in the past or the future, never in the present. How can we not understand that the past can not be changed and that the future can not be altered. We can only hope that tomorrow may hold good promises but should just spend time to make today the best it can be. Worrying about what has not yet happened is just lost energy that could be used to do something more productive RIGHT NOW!

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