31 Dec

He slept soundlessly
Breathing so lightly
A smile crosses the corner of his lips
A twitch of the eye
But never stirs for a second

Maybe he didn’t know
He must be at peace
Hiding in that land of greens
Such peace and tranquillity
A gift from the angels

He saw the rivers flow
He felt the wind on his face
Soothing his mind, calming his heart
The grass so warm and soft beneath his feet
The sun so gentle on his skin
Like a welcoming fire on a cold night

His eyes opened wide
His arms stretched out
But there was no end
Nor beginning

He ran for all the breath in his lungs
He screamed at the top of his voice
Laughed like there was no fear
And as he breathed in that sweet scent of lavender
The world became a bubble of happiness

Then he opened his eyes
Reality knocked him breathless
Laying there in bed motionless
The white and blue robes twirling around him

With the force to move mountains
He willed his body to move
Even a tweak
Yet all remained stagnant

He closes his eyes and wishes for the grass beneath his feet
The wind rushing past him as he ran
And the sunlight upon  his face

But in reality
He remained a prisoner

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Posted by on December 31, 2014 in Poetry, Tori's Poetry


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One response to “Prisoner

  1. DaValz Code

    January 2, 2015 at 09:44

    Lovely piece! Too dope



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