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Apparently, the people we meet and keep are the ones that define who we are and can be – and maybe it’s true, but to a great part, I believe most of the people we meet are never a reflection of who we are and more as to who we can be.

We meet so many people, many of whom turn out to be liars, cheaters, traitors, hypocrites and so many other things – now if you’re neither of these things, how can they be the reason to define who you are?

The good part is that when these people we meet turn out to be all these things-it helps to define who we CAN be – to become BETTER!

Life throws a lot of shit at us and we try to deal with most of it but at some point, it becomes enough to try and deal with all the crap and instead just try to find a way out.

A lot of people stay in jobs they don’t like, doing things they don’t want to do, smiling at people they wish they never had to see a day in their life – all that for what? a paycheck? What’s the point of a paycheck if at the end of the day you ain’t even happy about it? The people at work are supposed to be a some sort of new beginning for you – when you join a company and begin working for them and with them, it’s supposed to show you how your life is going to be like for the next 5-10 years – but when you reach a point you realize you ain’t happy, then you’re just wasting your time.

You look around you and you don’t feel like being around the people you work with, when you think of waking up in the morning and going there, all you wanna do is crawl back into your bed and never come out.

Life is already short enough – stop wasting time and get on with your life – we came into this world screaming, naked and ALONE – we might not know how we going to leave it – but one thing is certain, we each will leave ALONE.

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