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….”it hurts all the time anyway. Like a severed limb, it never stops, sometimes it’s sharper than others, sometimes it’s really unbearable, sometimes you can live with it, but it never stops aching.”

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Human Nature

It’s in human nature to hurt what they do not understand – and sometimes – to kill.

Most people come across something new and different, and instead of trying to understand it, they hurt them instead. This usually comes in many forms – but the most common would be “Experimentation”

Experimenting on something or someone you do not understand is not considered getting to know them – especially when it’s against their will.

As humans, we might have been given the power of knowledge and superiority over animals but 110% of them we act like idiots and never properly think before we take action. I’m not saying that God was wrong when he gave us that power, but quite frankly, I fear we do not deserve it. I mean what’s the point of having all this knowledge if at the end of the day we are still gonna act like animals?

Maybe one day we will learn to think before we act and try to understand the marvelous things that happen around us. There is so much beauty in this world, so much love and yet we spend at least 80% of that time fighting against each other and destroying that beauty – I guess that’s just human nature – Destruction before Appreciation.

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