For Life or Death

02 Dec

I will start by saying that if you are for the airstrikes being launched against Syria then you might feel offended by what I am going to write – but I am NOT going to apologize for it because these are my views and my blog dictates the freedom of speech.

Henceforth, I was watching a parliament discussion earlier today and it just quite frankly struck me as completely absurd that these people are sitting somewhere out there, in their safe chairs and contemplating whether or not to bomb another country – I mean, seriously? This is another people’s country you are talking about – not yours, not your people or anything, but A TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FOREIGN COUNTRY. There is no one there of that country who can speak for or against the airstrikes. So how exactly do you just launch into a discussion of whether or not to start killing other people?

Leave alone the fact that it’s a completely different country, but there are also innocent people – millions of them as a matter of fact, and you are just going to bomb  them.

I’m not saying that the terrorists should be left to walk the streets and keep killing – not at all, but you cant just go and start bombing the whole country for the hope – minimal hope at that – that you will kill them in the process.

Do you even know where exactly these terrorists are located? Have you pinpointed their location and are sure where you will drop these bombs will hit their mark? What if you’re wrong? What if you are killing more innocent people than terrorists? Are you willing to live with that on your conscience? And if you are, does it make it alright to just kill? How does that make you any different from those terrorists then? Because you have the power to do it without hiding? Because no one will try to bomb you in your bed? Because you are living off somewhere safe and aren’t even experiencing the horrors of the bombings?

You tell me – is this what the world is going back to? To bombs and mass murder? Because quite frankly, no matter how y’all try to explain these bombings and no matter how much you sit down and talk about it and vote on them – at the end of the day – it’s quite simply MURDER!

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