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Scary, Terrifying, Absolutely

There is this crazy, scary, terrifying thing called Love.
It comes out of nowhere.
Takes a hold of you without hesitation
Throws you against the wall and holds you there
It has no warning
And definitely no Mercy.
It does not choose who is the victim
You’ll never see it coming,
It’s not that easy.

Somehow it has a way of just happening,
and no matter how hard you try to fight it.
The weird part is that the harder you fight,
the more it takes a hold of you.
It will take you up and then bring you down just as fast,
and you might have thought the up was amazing
but oh,
you cannot begin to fathom how completely horrifying the down is

You may want to run,
Yet even the other end of the world will not be able to save you
You might wanna rip out your own heart
Just to make the suffering go away
But the reality remains,
The more you fight it,
The deeper you fall
until at some point you realize
There is nothing left to fight

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To Heeeeellll

You know that moment of your day when things are supposedly going well but then they start going bad and from there they just get worse and then someone goes and just makes it completely chaotic?

It’s like they were put there to just ruin your day bit by bit until you just want to walk out of the room and not look back.

Some people are so self-centered, thinking they are more important than others that they just do things without even thinking of how it’s going to impact someone else.

Why is it that some people can be so giving and others such a pain in the ass? I cannot fathom the concept. I cannot comprehend why these kind of people are so.

If you wanna ruin your day, don’t fuck with mine. It’s that simple.

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