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I see them all

I saw the way you

looked at me

like I was some kind

of a lost cause

a thing in desperate need

of rescue

I saw the way you were


Like the things you said

were too gruesome

for me to hear

I see the way you avoid me

like an infectious disease

you pas so far

away from me

so as to not get infected

I can see them all

I see them all

I understand them all


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When you hear the word “Social Media” what exactly comes into your mind? Most people would think of Tweeter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, there are so many others that most of us are not aware of but only the few who have the interest to use them. For example, Kindle, Ebook, UB Reader, Amazon and so many others. It’s not that people are not aware of these media, they are. They just do not have any interest in them because they do not have the features that they are interested in.

A lot of people use the social media to communicate with their friends, families and even strangers. Sadly most of these communications are completely useless and pointless. They do not add nor subtract anything from their lives. They post pictures and update their status, they like stupid posts simply because they are funny or because they appeal to them. Yet, the social media can be used for a wide range of things – even big cooperation now uses social media such as Tweeter, Facebook, Skype etc to communicate with its customers.

If a person can spend almost 16hours a day on Tweeter or Instagram or WhatsApp chatting and updating their pages or whatever, why can’t they spend one hour just to read something, to develop themselves. Media has made if so much easier for us to have access to reading materials, and this does not only include novels and magazines, but we also have newspapers and articles and so many other things. You can literally find anything on the internet. So why do people waste their time uploading pictures and changing statuses instead of promoting something that is for the development of all.

People do not like to read. Probably 80% of people do not like to read. Reading is a habit, a hobby, a way to relax your mind and get lost in someone else’s life. But people do not understand this because most of them grew up with the mentality that reading is boring, a punishment that is given when you do something wrong. So now, how do you make reading fun and more appealing to others?

The social media is a medium that the world has grown accustomed to, something that at least 85% of the world uses for communication. Why? Because it is FUN. It is EASY. The social media can be used in so many ways to help people know and understand the importance of reading. Not just for themselves but also for their friends, families, and children. The social media is not being fully utilized. If eight people out of ten have access to social media network and use it for fun, why wouldn’t they use it also for reading? If it was presented in a fun manner, put down like a fun thing to do, wouldn’t they actually use it? Wouldn’t we have more readers in the world?


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Many people think that you love a person because they are perfect. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

The way you love someone, the way you look at them and treat them, the way you appreciate them and take care of them, that is what makes them perfect. You do not love a person because they are perfect, you love them in a manner that from your eyes, they are perfect.

You love them despite their flaws. We all have flaws, each and everyone of us. These flaws are the reason why we are not perfect, it is the reason why we love despite these flaws. Trying to deny that you have these flaws is denying who you are. A person who loves you will also love your flaws, because they are who you are. They will overlook these flaws because once you truly love someone, those flaws are just like any other attribute that defines them.

A person is perfect because you love them. Don’t expect someone to be perfect for you to love them, because they’ll never be. They’ll only be perfect from your eye, by the way you look at them, the way you make them feel, the way you get through things and live through the obstacles that life throws at you both – that is the only way you will feel that the person you love is perfect.

Perfection is not an attribute we have, it is a gift that you bestow upon the person you love wholeheartedly, unconditionally – you will never even notice their flaws

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