14 May

Most people tend to weigh which is greater from a decision process. Is what you are losing greater than what you stand to gain?

In reality people ought to measure the worth of the loss compared to the gain. Sure you might be gaining more from a decision than what you stand to lose, but ask yourself this: is what you are gaining more important than what you lose? It’s not always about the numbers. You might save ten people and kill one in an accident, but what if the ten people you saved are serial killers and the one you killed was a humble mother at home? Which loss then is greater?

You might think that the more people you lose the harder it is to bare, but in truth you might lose just one person and feel like the world has ended and yet lose three people and still be ok.

Don’t give the small things the same worth as the things that truly matter. Know what is important in your life. Whose love is worth cherishing and which friends are worth fighting for. Just because you have 500 friends on fb or a thousand followers on any social media means that that’s how many will be there for you when you need help.

Never lose sight of what and who truly mattets in your life!

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Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Me. You. US, Social Life, The Globe



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