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Wake up Wake up

Wake up wake up
The sun is coming up
Wake up wake up
Don’t forget to pray
Wake up wake up
Countdown your blessings
Wake up wake up
Even if it’s raining
Just believe the sun will rise again
When the storm passes
And the clouds clear a path
There will be light, there will be laughter
Wake up wake up
Hear the birds humming
Make up your own melody
And the words will come to you
Freely they will flow out of your mouth
Wake up wake up
You don’t have to think so hard
You don’t have to be alone
When the world is so bright
Wake up wake up
Dare to meet someone new
Take a chance, take a risk
Life cannot be lived in fear
Wake up wake up
Find a love that’s pure
And you will find true happiness
All you gotta do is
Wake up wake up

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