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Love / Hate / The finer Line

A normal person would take a lot of time to do everything possible to have the person they love, love them back. They would show their love through kindness and generosity, and care and words – whatever it takes, because they know that that love is precious to them and is what would make them happy -but that is what a normal person would do.

A person who would do anything possible to get someone else to hate them because they are too scared of the truth or facing the possibility that someone is capable of loving them wholly and completely must certainly be evil. How could you possibly trade the greatest thing God ever made for the worst thing that ever sprouted out of man’s once pure heart? Hate over Love?

Most people are searching for love, desperate for it. Some spend a lifetime never truly experiencing this amazing one-of-a-kind feeling, never knowing what it’s like to love and be loved; and yet there are other people who would easily throw it away, do horrible and unfathomable things to people who love them just because they are scared and cruel.

But here’s the thing, love is love. It can never be traded for hate, it can never be replaced or tainted or forgotten. It can hurt, but it will always find the strength to let go and forgive, to heal in due time and grow again. IF what you feel in your heart is truly Love and not a semblance of it, then no matter how horrible a person is, no matter how hurt you get, you will always find a way to forgive, because hating someone is so much harder than to just love them, and because that Love is truer than anything else, stronger than any mistake or pain.

There’s no such thing as “one day she/he will get tired of loving you” – if they get tired of loving you then they never really did in the first place. Love can never get tired. It just understands that sometimes this person was not the right one for me, he/she has already moved on and found something better, and one day I will too. Do not listen to someone who tells you that Love isn’t worth it, that it will eventually end, that they will hurt you in ways you can’t imagine and you will hate them, because that is a lie.

Love IS worth it, it will never end. Yes, it will hurt at some point, but you will always find the strength within that love to heal and forgive. When they hurt you, look into your heart, find that part of you that knows the truth, that realizes that whatever they are doing to hurt you is because they may be scared, or aren’t ready for your love, so they will hurt you in the hope of chasing you away by hate.

Once you get past the anger and pain, you will open your eyes and you will see the truth. You will forgive them and possibly still love them because you know they need that love, that pure and strong love. If they choose to use you as an outlet for all the things they cannot let out elsewhere, let them. Be that outlet for them, be the strength they need and give them the Love only you know how.

IF you truly Love someone and you believe they are worth it, do not ever let them push you away through hate because of their fear. Let them find another way, an honest way, not the cowardice way!

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I see them all

I saw the way you

looked at me

like I was some kind

of a lost cause

a thing in desperate need

of rescue

I saw the way you were


Like the things you said

were too gruesome

for me to hear

I see the way you avoid me

like an infectious disease

you pas so far

away from me

so as to not get infected

I can see them all

I see them all

I understand them all


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Many people think that you love a person because they are perfect. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

The way you love someone, the way you look at them and treat them, the way you appreciate them and take care of them, that is what makes them perfect. You do not love a person because they are perfect, you love them in a manner that from your eyes, they are perfect.

You love them despite their flaws. We all have flaws, each and everyone of us. These flaws are the reason why we are not perfect, it is the reason why we love despite these flaws. Trying to deny that you have these flaws is denying who you are. A person who loves you will also love your flaws, because they are who you are. They will overlook these flaws because once you truly love someone, those flaws are just like any other attribute that defines them.

A person is perfect because you love them. Don’t expect someone to be perfect for you to love them, because they’ll never be. They’ll only be perfect from your eye, by the way you look at them, the way you make them feel, the way you get through things and live through the obstacles that life throws at you both – that is the only way you will feel that the person you love is perfect.

Perfection is not an attribute we have, it is a gift that you bestow upon the person you love wholeheartedly, unconditionally – you will never even notice their flaws

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To Heeeeellll

You know that moment of your day when things are supposedly going well but then they start going bad and from there they just get worse and then someone goes and just makes it completely chaotic?

It’s like they were put there to just ruin your day bit by bit until you just want to walk out of the room and not look back.

Some people are so self-centered, thinking they are more important than others that they just do things without even thinking of how it’s going to impact someone else.

Why is it that some people can be so giving and others such a pain in the ass? I cannot fathom the concept. I cannot comprehend why these kind of people are so.

If you wanna ruin your day, don’t fuck with mine. It’s that simple.

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Speak Up (The Love Curse)

So, I may have advised you to stand up and speak up for things that you believe are good for you – things that you know will make you a better and greater person – don’t just sit idly by while waiting for things to happen to you, you need to get up and go reach out for what you want.

The one part that I may not have explained and which most people run away from is “Love”, or as I’m beginning to call it “The Love Curse”.

Many people spend their time thinking of someone they are deeply in love with and that is about it – they sit and THINK about them and just expect that that person will miraculously wake up one day and realize he/she loves them back -well guess what, that is a huge pile of bullshit – it ain’t happening. There is no such thing as “a knight in a shining armor.” This is real life – not a fairy-tale story! People forget that when they were kids, there were given those fairy-tale stories just to help them sleep better at night – not to carry them with them into adulthood and start acting like idiots waiting for “Prince Charming.” I mean, c’mon!!! Get real people.

If you love someone, go and tell them – at the end of the day, there are about three possible outcomes.

  1. They will tell you that they feel the same and you will be overjoyed and you have just found the best thing in your life.
  2. they will pretend to feel the same and lead you on for a while before they drop you like a heavy sack of shit after using you.
  3. And third, they will not feel the same way. But the good thing is that at least you are not going to spend the next 5 or 10 years of your life pining for someone who probably hasn’t the slightest clue that you exist and you can finally move on with your life.

So then, there you have it. That’s the only way The Love Curse is gonna work out- it’s hard to call it a blessing because most of the time it is not really one.

If you really look at it, two out of three of the outcomes are a soul-crasher. But so what, life is about taking chances and still come out strong despite the challenges you face. I mean, what’s the alternative? – sit around mopping and hope that your so called soul mate is gonna come find you? Darling, please – Don’t kid yourself.

Truth is love is unpredictable and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But you’ll never know if you are one of the few for whom it works out or not if you never take the chance to go and find out. Some people spend ten years together and then one day one of them meets someone who makes them think the world would end if they never spend the rest of their lives together. But if they had just chosen to stay in their comfortable relationship without changing maybe they might have been happy, and maybe they will spend the rest of their lives thinking “What if” – and we all know how poisonous that phrase is.

So there you have it – The Love Curse – sometimes it works out, sometimes it goes completely out of proportion and makes you wish you could die – but you’ll never know which it is if you don’t get up and take a chance.

Leap into The Love Curse and you might just find what you are looking for.

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….”it hurts all the time anyway. Like a severed limb, it never stops, sometimes it’s sharper than others, sometimes it’s really unbearable, sometimes you can live with it, but it never stops aching.”

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I love you

How powerful can three simple words make a life so damn complicated. How is it that a simple “I love you” can make ones life so restless.
I knew I loved you from the day I first saw you. I knew I was in trouble when I laid my eyes on you and let that stupid smile of yours capture my attention.
I did all I could to fight it, told myself a hundred times that it was nothing and I will get over it soon. I thought it’s just an attraction, it goes away eventually and i’ll move on. But then I had a crush n I thought well its just a crush right it cant be anything serious. So I let it be.
So where the hell did I go wrong, where did I let myself get so stupid and so close. When did it become ok to say “i love you” and then just let myself think it’s safe…when?
When your lips touched mine, I felt like I was drowning in an ocean and there was no chance there was going to be a rescue team…so I drowned and I still feel like im drowning because you pulled out….and then I really had no one to pull me back up. I lost myself in you and I dont know how and if im ever getting out.
I love you.
Words that are meant to bring joy to someone
Instead all I got is pain and an ocean to drown in.
But I still love you because I dont know what else to do. Its all I know.
I love you

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