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Chip Chip, Chop Away

Chip chip,
Chop away
Piece by piece
Watch them fall away
Down down,
Smooth like a feather
To the ground they go
As gravity pulls
Like a meteor they shoot straight down
With no obstacles on the way
Impact is fatal
Destruction is inevitable.
Chip chip,
Chop away
Piece by piece
The hole gets bigger by day
So little remains
Barely noticeable
The light almost gone.
Standing from afar
I watch as you chop away
Without mercy
I watch as you wrought your worst
Taking all you can get.
Chip chip,
Chop away
Like a piece of wood
You chop the pieces off
Until it is worn and useless
The remains to be discarded.
Chip Chip,
Chop away-

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Take a Breath

Close your eyes

Take a breath

Open your arms

Reach out to the world

You will find what

You have been looking for.

Don’t be afraid

Of the road ahead of you

There are obstacles

Many times you will fall

Just look up and you

will find me

I’ll be there to lift you up

Just reach out

And I’ll be there

Close your eyes

Take a breath

Don’t be afraid to call out

There’s a friend waiting for you

Just call out

Close your eyes

Take a breath.


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I see them all

I saw the way you

looked at me

like I was some kind

of a lost cause

a thing in desperate need

of rescue

I saw the way you were


Like the things you said

were too gruesome

for me to hear

I see the way you avoid me

like an infectious disease

you pas so far

away from me

so as to not get infected

I can see them all

I see them all

I understand them all


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Scary, Terrifying, Absolutely

There is this crazy, scary, terrifying thing called Love.
It comes out of nowhere.
Takes a hold of you without hesitation
Throws you against the wall and holds you there
It has no warning
And definitely no Mercy.
It does not choose who is the victim
You’ll never see it coming,
It’s not that easy.

Somehow it has a way of just happening,
and no matter how hard you try to fight it.
The weird part is that the harder you fight,
the more it takes a hold of you.
It will take you up and then bring you down just as fast,
and you might have thought the up was amazing
but oh,
you cannot begin to fathom how completely horrifying the down is

You may want to run,
Yet even the other end of the world will not be able to save you
You might wanna rip out your own heart
Just to make the suffering go away
But the reality remains,
The more you fight it,
The deeper you fall
until at some point you realize
There is nothing left to fight

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Like a Lucky Blessing

The day I met you was like luck
The kind of luck that comes with like a blessing
My day began like any other
but with time I felt like nothing
Empty and devoid of any emotions
I did not want to be like that
Nor did I welcome the idea of going anywhere
But a force pulled me like a magnet
Had I not met you everything would have been like before
Empty and devoid of any emotions
But like I said
Meeting you was like luck
The kind of luck that comes with like a blessing
Tomorrow I will tell you
How lucky I have been
How blessed I am
To have someone like you
As part of my life.
It certainly is like a lucky blessing.
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I can’t breath, the air coming out of my nose
I can’t breath, the thoughts ringing inside my head
I can feel my body spasming
My hands reaching out
Seeking to wreck the pain growing inside me
I can feel my throat blocking out
The sound threatening to come forth
Trying so hard not to let it show
The shake and pacing
The anger building up inside
Yet the hurt and agony is so much stronger
I want to scream,  the pain will leave
I want to scream, the anger will fade
Give me a moment
I will pull it together
No, I can not
Give me a chance
I will give you everything
No, I already did
But there is nothing for me
I can see that
I can feel it
Yet here I am
I want to scream
But I cannot breath
You have taken it away
You have shut me off
Cut off my oxygen and left me to choke
The thoughts grow louder
My mind feels like an experiment gone wrong
Chemicals mixed without compatibility
So loud inside, its going to explode
I can’t breath
Please, somebody, anybody
Give me a bag of oxygen
There is no going back
I am choking on my own silence
I wanna be free
But I am locked
In your cage, there just is no escape!

I can’t breath…

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You pulled me so close
I could barely breath
I was knocked breathless
As I crashed into you
The fall was so strong
The moment so memorable
Desirable beyond comparison
With just a glance of your eye
I melted into your embrace
There, lay safety
There, lay peace
I couldn’t imagine it otherwise
Everything that stood before me
This moment
Was all I could ever want
Then you pulled away
But I couldnt let go
I crashed
Unable to hold upright
Breathing became difficult
The air left me just as you did
All I could see was the back of you
The eyes that used to make everything right
Were no longer there
For a moment you had me so close
For a while you’d had me completely lost

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