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When you hear the word “Social Media” what exactly comes into your mind? Most people would think of Tweeter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, there are so many others that most of us are not aware of but only the few who have the interest to use them. For example, Kindle, Ebook, UB Reader, Amazon and so many others. It’s not that people are not aware of these media, they are. They just do not have any interest in them because they do not have the features that they are interested in.

A lot of people use the social media to communicate with their friends, families and even strangers. Sadly most of these communications are completely useless and pointless. They do not add nor subtract anything from their lives. They post pictures and update their status, they like stupid posts simply because they are funny or because they appeal to them. Yet, the social media can be used for a wide range of things – even big cooperation now uses social media such as Tweeter, Facebook, Skype etc to communicate with its customers.

If a person can spend almost 16hours a day on Tweeter or Instagram or WhatsApp chatting and updating their pages or whatever, why can’t they spend one hour just to read something, to develop themselves. Media has made if so much easier for us to have access to reading materials, and this does not only include novels and magazines, but we also have newspapers and articles and so many other things. You can literally find anything on the internet. So why do people waste their time uploading pictures and changing statuses instead of promoting something that is for the development of all.

People do not like to read. Probably 80% of people do not like to read. Reading is a habit, a hobby, a way to relax your mind and get lost in someone else’s life. But people do not understand this because most of them grew up with the mentality that reading is boring, a punishment that is given when you do something wrong. So now, how do you make reading fun and more appealing to others?

The social media is a medium that the world has grown accustomed to, something that at least 85% of the world uses for communication. Why? Because it is FUN. It is EASY. The social media can be used in so many ways to help people know and understand the importance of reading. Not just for themselves but also for their friends, families, and children. The social media is not being fully utilized. If eight people out of ten have access to social media network and use it for fun, why wouldn’t they use it also for reading? If it was presented in a fun manner, put down like a fun thing to do, wouldn’t they actually use it? Wouldn’t we have more readers in the world?


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Why Expectations KILL everything [good in a relationship]

Source: Why Expectations KILL everything [good in a relationship]

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For Life or Death

I will start by saying that if you are for the airstrikes being launched against Syria then you might feel offended by what I am going to write – but I am NOT going to apologize for it because these are my views and my blog dictates the freedom of speech.

Henceforth, I was watching a parliament discussion earlier today and it just quite frankly struck me as completely absurd that these people are sitting somewhere out there, in their safe chairs and contemplating whether or not to bomb another country – I mean, seriously? This is another people’s country you are talking about – not yours, not your people or anything, but A TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FOREIGN COUNTRY. There is no one there of that country who can speak for or against the airstrikes. So how exactly do you just launch into a discussion of whether or not to start killing other people?

Leave alone the fact that it’s a completely different country, but there are also innocent people – millions of them as a matter of fact, and you are just going to bomb  them.

I’m not saying that the terrorists should be left to walk the streets and keep killing – not at all, but you cant just go and start bombing the whole country for the hope – minimal hope at that – that you will kill them in the process.

Do you even know where exactly these terrorists are located? Have you pinpointed their location and are sure where you will drop these bombs will hit their mark? What if you’re wrong? What if you are killing more innocent people than terrorists? Are you willing to live with that on your conscience? And if you are, does it make it alright to just kill? How does that make you any different from those terrorists then? Because you have the power to do it without hiding? Because no one will try to bomb you in your bed? Because you are living off somewhere safe and aren’t even experiencing the horrors of the bombings?

You tell me – is this what the world is going back to? To bombs and mass murder? Because quite frankly, no matter how y’all try to explain these bombings and no matter how much you sit down and talk about it and vote on them – at the end of the day – it’s quite simply MURDER!

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Amniotic Freefall

Source: Amniotic Freefall

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Apparently, the people we meet and keep are the ones that define who we are and can be – and maybe it’s true, but to a great part, I believe most of the people we meet are never a reflection of who we are and more as to who we can be.

We meet so many people, many of whom turn out to be liars, cheaters, traitors, hypocrites and so many other things – now if you’re neither of these things, how can they be the reason to define who you are?

The good part is that when these people we meet turn out to be all these things-it helps to define who we CAN be – to become BETTER!

Life throws a lot of shit at us and we try to deal with most of it but at some point, it becomes enough to try and deal with all the crap and instead just try to find a way out.

A lot of people stay in jobs they don’t like, doing things they don’t want to do, smiling at people they wish they never had to see a day in their life – all that for what? a paycheck? What’s the point of a paycheck if at the end of the day you ain’t even happy about it? The people at work are supposed to be a some sort of new beginning for you – when you join a company and begin working for them and with them, it’s supposed to show you how your life is going to be like for the next 5-10 years – but when you reach a point you realize you ain’t happy, then you’re just wasting your time.

You look around you and you don’t feel like being around the people you work with, when you think of waking up in the morning and going there, all you wanna do is crawl back into your bed and never come out.

Life is already short enough – stop wasting time and get on with your life – we came into this world screaming, naked and ALONE – we might not know how we going to leave it – but one thing is certain, we each will leave ALONE.

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Forward & Onward

There is a door
At the end of the hallway.
There is a light
At the bottom of the abyss.
Dark days have come
Darker days still yet awaits.
Still,  there is hope
In the midst of despair.
Standing firm,
Not a moment gone
Unnoticed or unappreciated.
Smile for you have a reason
Stand coz you have strength
Keep walking
You will reach there
And I will be there,

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Have you ever…?
The most basic question that comes to mind when you are talking about love.
Brandy’s song “have you ever loved somebody” got me thinking on so many things…but mostly I wonder how true her words are.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you forgot what its like to think about yourself? Have you ever loved someone so much that every time they walk through that door you catch your breathe? No matter how many times in whatever amount of timeframe? Have you ever loved soneone so much that every time you close your eyes it is their face you see, their laughter you hear, their touch you feel? Have you ever loved someone so much that life felt meaningless without them? No matter how many times they hurt you, you always find a reason to forgive them because the alternative just seemed too impossible to contemplate?

The world stops moving and time becomes meaningless. No matter how much we fight it we cannot win and maybe most of the time we do not want that feeling to ever go away…that powerful emotion within us is what makes us feel so alive…

So tell me…Have you ever…?

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