Listen To Me

I wish I knew where to begin
I wish I knew if you’ll still let me in
I’ve tried so hard to make you see
To make you believe in my words
Yet I’ve become like a pearl at the bottom of the sea
But no, I do not have its beauty
Nor its ability for rarety
Merely the unluckiness of being lost.
I would give everything just for you
To be able to look into your eyes once again.
I’m asking you not to lock me out
To just give me this one chance to explain
The words that are coming out of my mouth.
Do not walk away and turn your back on me
Oh, can’t you see you are the only one with a key
That would open my cage and set me free.
Hear the words that I have to say
Look into my eyes and see the truth that lies there
You know I never wanted things this way
But life to me didn’t play fair
It robbed me of you and your love
Just turn around and look at me
I am nothing without you
I can not stand and you know that is true
You are my strength, my happiness
You are my shield and comfort
Do not leave me undiscovered
Do not let me get lost
Do not let me become a ghost.
Hold me. Help me. Save me.
I need you because I cannot fathom life without you.


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