One Step

You can take one step.

You put one foot in front of the other.

You close your eyes and let everything disappear

And you will realize you’ve taken one step further.


There is no hurry for your destination

Find the right path and just follow it

The journey will be long and hard

Find the will to persevere and never quit.


Let the pain and agony engulf you

Let it take you away and reach your limit

When you finally feel like there’s nothing more you can give

Only then will the pieces of your puzzle fit.


The outcome of your efforts will be fruitful

It will blossom before your eyes like a flower in spring

Unpredictable in its timing but absolutely magnificent

For beauty and happiness is all it will bring.


You will rise up like an eagle,

You will roar louder than any lion,

All your doubts and worries will be no more

And your life will be ever greater than before.


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