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Love is Strength

Most people tend to think that love is weakness; that the moment you decide to open yourself to someone, then we are vulnerable. And in truth, that is what happens. We become vulnerable, easily hurt and broken, but it doesn’t mean it’s weakness.

Love is what makes us strong, it is what makes us want to fight to become a better us, to make a change and a difference, maybe to our own lives or to someone else’s. Love is the reason any of us live to see another day, it gives us purpose.

You watch a movie and see this scene where a girl miraculously kisses a guy who was about to die but suddenly lives and you all think “aah, what a soppy scene, that’s not real”, but in truth, that one kiss is what gave him the will to fight for life, to fight for more time with the one person who gives them a purpose to live. They “miraculously” come back to life, not because it’s just a movie,but because he had found a reason to stay alive – the movie just wants you believe that love is strong enough to make a miracle happen, to give life.

Love is the strongest emotion. Those who are lucky enough to not fear it get to know just how strong it can make them. Love pushes us to the limits we never knew we could go, it makes us believers of Hope, it makes us Fighters. Those unfortunate enough to think it’s weakness, can never truly understand how much more they could be.

How can something that makes you want to fight, to live, to conquer, to be remembered, to be seen, be considered as weakness? How can something that gives you purpose in life, a reason to be and exist, be weakness? Fear is weakness, lack of hope is weakness, being unable to see past the smaller picture is weakness – but Love will never be weakness.

If you can love, with all your heart and your being, you will be the strongest person alive. Love without fear and no barriers, and you will know what real strength really feels like.

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Take a Breath

Close your eyes

Take a breath

Open your arms

Reach out to the world

You will find what

You have been looking for.

Don’t be afraid

Of the road ahead of you

There are obstacles

Many times you will fall

Just look up and you

will find me

I’ll be there to lift you up

Just reach out

And I’ll be there

Close your eyes

Take a breath

Don’t be afraid to call out

There’s a friend waiting for you

Just call out

Close your eyes

Take a breath.


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Like a Lucky Blessing

The day I met you was like luck
The kind of luck that comes with like a blessing
My day began like any other
but with time I felt like nothing
Empty and devoid of any emotions
I did not want to be like that
Nor did I welcome the idea of going anywhere
But a force pulled me like a magnet
Had I not met you everything would have been like before
Empty and devoid of any emotions
But like I said
Meeting you was like luck
The kind of luck that comes with like a blessing
Tomorrow I will tell you
How lucky I have been
How blessed I am
To have someone like you
As part of my life.
It certainly is like a lucky blessing.
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Speak Up (The Love Curse)

So, I may have advised you to stand up and speak up for things that you believe are good for you – things that you know will make you a better and greater person – don’t just sit idly by while waiting for things to happen to you, you need to get up and go reach out for what you want.

The one part that I may not have explained and which most people run away from is “Love”, or as I’m beginning to call it “The Love Curse”.

Many people spend their time thinking of someone they are deeply in love with and that is about it – they sit and THINK about them and just expect that that person will miraculously wake up one day and realize he/she loves them back -well guess what, that is a huge pile of bullshit – it ain’t happening. There is no such thing as “a knight in a shining armor.” This is real life – not a fairy-tale story! People forget that when they were kids, there were given those fairy-tale stories just to help them sleep better at night – not to carry them with them into adulthood and start acting like idiots waiting for “Prince Charming.” I mean, c’mon!!! Get real people.

If you love someone, go and tell them – at the end of the day, there are about three possible outcomes.

  1. They will tell you that they feel the same and you will be overjoyed and you have just found the best thing in your life.
  2. they will pretend to feel the same and lead you on for a while before they drop you like a heavy sack of shit after using you.
  3. And third, they will not feel the same way. But the good thing is that at least you are not going to spend the next 5 or 10 years of your life pining for someone who probably hasn’t the slightest clue that you exist and you can finally move on with your life.

So then, there you have it. That’s the only way The Love Curse is gonna work out- it’s hard to call it a blessing because most of the time it is not really one.

If you really look at it, two out of three of the outcomes are a soul-crasher. But so what, life is about taking chances and still come out strong despite the challenges you face. I mean, what’s the alternative? – sit around mopping and hope that your so called soul mate is gonna come find you? Darling, please – Don’t kid yourself.

Truth is love is unpredictable and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. But you’ll never know if you are one of the few for whom it works out or not if you never take the chance to go and find out. Some people spend ten years together and then one day one of them meets someone who makes them think the world would end if they never spend the rest of their lives together. But if they had just chosen to stay in their comfortable relationship without changing maybe they might have been happy, and maybe they will spend the rest of their lives thinking “What if” – and we all know how poisonous that phrase is.

So there you have it – The Love Curse – sometimes it works out, sometimes it goes completely out of proportion and makes you wish you could die – but you’ll never know which it is if you don’t get up and take a chance.

Leap into The Love Curse and you might just find what you are looking for.

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Speak Up

Most people spend their lives wishing for things. They sit in their comfortable chairs, hidden from the world and just say “I wish”, “If only”, “I want”, and so on. Yet, no one gets out of that comfort zone and start acting upon their thoughts.

When will you learn that just saying it in your head does not make it possible for it to come true.

You have a well paying job, and yet there are more positions, better things to do – which by the way, may also increase your “good paying” to “Great paying”, and yet all you do is sit in that comfortable chair of yours and just keep the possibility of it being you in your head.

You are constantly provided with great opportunities to change the way your life is but you do not try to make it better – because you are too comfortable in your comfort zone to want to disturb it.

There is so much more that you can do with your life. You might think you’re not up to the challenge but just give yourself a chance and you will see you’re so much more than what you think. Life is only as exciting as you want it to be. If you think excitement ends with a good husband/wife, with a few kids at home and a comfortable salary, then that’s all it will ever be.

But if you believe that an exciting life is climbing a mountain, going on road trips once in a while, going to a new country at least every year and meeting new people, working from different vantage points – then that’s what it can be.

Your imagination and belief is what will make your life the way it is. If you are presented with an opportunity, do not just sit by and wait for someone to hand it to you on a silver platter, no; get out of that comfort zone of yours and grab it – fight for it if you must, if you truly believe that you deserve it better than to whom it has been given.

Just Stand up and Speak up in what you believe you deserve.


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Happy Birthday Jesus


So Jesus has been born. The Savior we all hope would always be there for our redemption and self-righteousness.
Preople celebrate and sing and buy gifts and eat and drink and blablablabla….but who really remembers the meaning of Christmas? Who can say that Christmas spirit isnt just about preesents and trees and food and drinking? People spend their days looking for the best Christmas tree, for the best Christmas present, the best foods and drinks…is that really what. Christmas is all about these days? Is it all that it represents?

Children growing up and taught to believe in Santa Claus instead of Jesus. Is that for real? The whole point of Christmas is to believe in the coming of the Messiah, the saviour sent from up above for our sake, for our salvation, but instead parents are teaching their kids to believe in Santa Claus rather than Jesus, the true reason why Christmas even exist in the first place!

We have to stop for a moment and ask ourselves, where is Jesus born in our life? How have you prepared yourself for His coming? Are you ready to receive what He has brought? Are you ready to be saved? 

We need to wake up and re-learn the true meaning, the reason why we truly celebrate Christmas, the coming of Christ…before it’s too late. I went to Church on Christmas Eve and the priest said, Jesus was  not born in Bethlehem, yes technically he was, but that was only the physical appearance, but the day Mary gave birth to Jesus, HE was born in each and everryone of us. He was born in you, He was born in me and He was born to all of us!

Start believing in Jesus Christ
Start believing that he has come for you
He needs you to believe that He can save you
He needs you to let Him save you.
No matter what, He has come for your sake.

Teach your children to believe in the power of Christ as their saviour rather than Santa Claus who will put presents under the Christmas tree. The Gifts that Christ brings are far much greater than anything that Santa could ever give to your children!


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Awakening (Faith in God)

I was sleeping. It sounds pretty normal putting it that way right? Well all I can say is that I am Awake. You must be wondering awake from what, and when and how, and of course what I really mean. Well it’s simple really. I had an awakening from God.

I wouldn’t know in what way to explain it to you, or how to tell you what I’ve undergone and how it has changed me, but all I can tell you is that I have become closer to God than I’ve ever been since I’ve known and been educated about Him. He has opened my heart and my eyes, He has shown me how much He loves me and will always be there for me. I have found what I’ve been searching for, for so long, when I’d had it all along.

I have realised that as long as I have Him by my side, I shall not fear, as long as I let Him guide my life, I shall not falter or fall. He has so much to offer, so much in store for me and I just need to accept and acknowledge Him in my life, to believe that He is Lord, and He loves me, and He will never abandon me. And that is exactly what I have done, what I am doing, letting God take control of my life, letting Him guide and show me the right path. For once in my life, I’m chosing to rely on God, I’m chosing to forget about my selfish ways and thinking I know what I’m doing and just letting God take complete control.

To all my fellow believers out there, don’t rely on your own understanding, ask God for guidance and help, and you will never be alone, you will never be lonely or afraid, He will help you when you call out to Him, He will heal you from your wounds, physical, emotional, spiritual, and any other kind of pain you might be going through. Learn to forgive those who have hurt you and pray for them, and our Father in Heaven will Bless you abundantly!

Believe that God Loves you and wants you to be happy and believe me, you will be Happy. God Loves each and everyone of us. Whether you are a sinner or a believer, a giver or forgiver, God loves you the way you are. I once wrote a post about “True Love”, and I said that true love does exist, which is true, but you know something? True love might exist, but who says it lasts? Who says that true love is everlasting, and that you can always trust that person and rely on them no matter what? Sure, they love you and want to be there for you, they say things like “I’ll never hurt you” or “I’ll always be there for you”, but in the end just end up doing just the opposit. But you see, there is true Love and there is Pure Love. And this is where God comes in. 

From the Lord alone can you obtain this Pure Love, from Him alone can you find the real meaning of a love that is unconditional, everlasting and forgiving and just simply, Beautiful and PURE!  Trust in Him, Believe in Him, have Faith in Him, and let Him be your Hope and everything will be alright.

He is my strength, He is my Fortress. Let Him be yours and He will NEVER abandon you.

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