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What is it with the word Exam that whenever a student hears it just shivers? The simplest inquiry about exams and people start sweating and panicking and begin cramming everything they can. But you see that’s the problem with students. They panic during exams because they do not know how they are supposed to act during that time.

One thing that students should know during exams, and something that would actually help them succeed is that they are not meant to cram everything into their brains, they are meant to read for their own benefit. Simply read to understand and gain knowledge, don’t think like it’s the test of your lifetime, don’t think of it like it’s a crucial moment in your life and if you don’t get everything in you will fail. Well that’s the worst you can do, so simply study to understand, you are not doing it for anyone else, it’s for your own benefit.

If you can get to study for just you and only to gain a certain knowledge about what you are studying then it won’t be so hard.

Yes, that could be a lot of crap and non-sense because trust me, I just finished my exams today and it was hectic. I thank God they are done and well not completely gone cause there are still a few more years of studying to do but for the moment they are.

Here’s a tip for all you out there preparing for exams or in the middle of exams…they are just another part of your life and take them as normal things in life…oh and God helps. A GREAT DEAL! so always Pray before your exams.

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The Struggle For Success

Success. It’s a long and hard road isn’t it? Everyday we wake up and right for that success. We put our energy and hope in the things we do because we long for that moment of success, of joy and happiness, but mostly that feeling of achievement.

No it’s not easy. But then again, nothing is in life. The only way to achieve success as we know is through education and that’s where the struggle begins. The reason I’m writing this post about success is because I’ve been struggling with MY education; been trying so hard to make it and though I’m merely half way there, I’m so happy that I’ve made it this far. I’ve been struggling for so long to do my university application, but with God’s grace, I’ve mnged to finally make it and now I’m just praying He will make it possible for me to attend the university of my choice.

So, ye, maybe there’s still a lot of struggling but with time I can make it. I know that I still have a long way to go, but we are all always filled with such joy when we complete something no matter how small the task it. Though many may say that “it is not the destination that matters but the journey”, I think the destination matters a lot. Sure we learn a lot of the way, but the true joy comes with accomplishment.

Never Give up. Never Quit. Never Lose Hope. Life is a never-ending journey not a one day trip!

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