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Love / Hate / The finer Line

A normal person would take a lot of time to do everything possible to have the person they love, love them back. They would show their love through kindness and generosity, and care and words – whatever it takes, because they know that that love is precious to them and is what would make them happy -but that is what a normal person would do.

A person who would do anything possible to get someone else to hate them because they are too scared of the truth or facing the possibility that someone is capable of loving them wholly and completely must certainly be evil. How could you possibly trade the greatest thing God ever made for the worst thing that ever sprouted out of man’s once pure heart? Hate over Love?

Most people are searching for love, desperate for it. Some spend a lifetime never truly experiencing this amazing one-of-a-kind feeling, never knowing what it’s like to love and be loved; and yet there are other people who would easily throw it away, do horrible and unfathomable things to people who love them just because they are scared and cruel.

But here’s the thing, love is love. It can never be traded for hate, it can never be replaced or tainted or forgotten. It can hurt, but it will always find the strength to let go and forgive, to heal in due time and grow again. IF what you feel in your heart is truly Love and not a semblance of it, then no matter how horrible a person is, no matter how hurt you get, you will always find a way to forgive, because hating someone is so much harder than to just love them, and because that Love is truer than anything else, stronger than any mistake or pain.

There’s no such thing as “one day she/he will get tired of loving you” – if they get tired of loving you then they never really did in the first place. Love can never get tired. It just understands that sometimes this person was not the right one for me, he/she has already moved on and found something better, and one day I will too. Do not listen to someone who tells you that Love isn’t worth it, that it will eventually end, that they will hurt you in ways you can’t imagine and you will hate them, because that is a lie.

Love IS worth it, it will never end. Yes, it will hurt at some point, but you will always find the strength within that love to heal and forgive. When they hurt you, look into your heart, find that part of you that knows the truth, that realizes that whatever they are doing to hurt you is because they may be scared, or aren’t ready for your love, so they will hurt you in the hope of chasing you away by hate.

Once you get past the anger and pain, you will open your eyes and you will see the truth. You will forgive them and possibly still love them because you know they need that love, that pure and strong love. If they choose to use you as an outlet for all the things they cannot let out elsewhere, let them. Be that outlet for them, be the strength they need and give them the Love only you know how.

IF you truly Love someone and you believe they are worth it, do not ever let them push you away through hate because of their fear. Let them find another way, an honest way, not the cowardice way!

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Fear o’ Fear – let me not lose

Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from achieving greatness!

noun: fear; plural noun: fears unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

It is simply an emotion, it is not a wall of concrete that you will be unable to break down; or a lion that will devour you if you cross its path.
Emotions – they come and they go, but if you do not learn to control them, then you are giving them power to control you. If you do not fight the fear of getting hurt, of having your pride slightly injured, of failing once in order to excel later, then you have no chance of living the life you know you deserve.
There is so much that you can accomplish in your life, so much potential that you have not even begun to explore; but when you just sit and wait for things to happen because you’re afraid that if you make the first move you might lose and look like a fool, then there is no chance you will ever discover just how amazing you could possibly be. Why would you not take a risk at losing so that you can learn and make it a win later? If you never try, then how could you possibly know if it was meant to happen? If you never take a chance at losing, how could you know if you might have won?
Stop living in one place for so long, never leaving your comfort zone to discover all the other great things the world has to offer. You’ve been living in one town all these years, haven’t even made it to the next city because you’re scared, even though you’re so miserable and unsatisfied. Have the courage to step out of that comfort zone and go see the world. Find that place where both your heart, body and mind can be satisfied; where peace of mind and soul means strength and pure happiness.
We can’t have everything we want in life, but at least we can do what is possible to get what the world will be willing to offer. You will never know what you deserve, what you can and cannot have unless you step away from the fear that holds you back and go for it.
Do not listen to what others have to say, what they think you can and cannot do – that is their own fear speaking, holding you back. Be strong enough to step away from the fears of others that would hold you back from your own greatness.
Be your own Voice of Encouragement! Be your own Judge of what you can and cannot do! But never let yourself bring YOU down!
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Old is Gold only if it’s not Cold

True Friends

Old is Gold only if it’s not Cold

They say Old is Gold. Sometimes I wonder if that’s just a saying or is it for real. I mean yes it’s good to treasure the old things and not throw them away when something new and good comes along. But sometimes things happen, and you realize that the old isn’t so golden after all; that what you have now is better than what you had before.

What is the old doesn’t appreciate you as much as the new one does. What if the old one does not remember you as much as the new one does. Should one then hang onto the old one just because it’s said to be Gold? Sometimes it’s good to let go of the old and appreciate the new because if you keep looking back then how are you ever going to move ahead and appreciate the new things in your life?

If old friends decide to give you the cold shoulder, where is the point in preserving them and being miserable if they do not share the same care as you give.  Why make yourself miserable for someone who doesn’t spend a sweat on you? Don’t spend too much caring about others and forgetting to care about yourself.

Old is Gold…only if it’s not Cold.

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In Memory of…a loved one

The pain of losing someone you love dearly is unrealistic, and when you are aware of the reasons and ways in which that loved one lost the gift of life, it is even more cruel to contemplate.

Recently I had the very bad misfortune of losing a very close and treasured friend of mine. His name was William Msuya. The first time I met William was in Form Three and I remember how he strolled into the classroom with such swagger that the whole class erupted in laughter, and he had a cracked tooth (the one right at the front). We became very fast friends and we did a lot of stupid and crazy things together. He dated this girl Bernadetha and I know they really loved each other. Berna was the one who told me about his fatal death, and at first I really thought she’d been lying to me because it was right the day after April Fool’s day; but alas, she was not.

What happened is that he was dating a Malaysian girl, and some guys didn’t like it, though William tried hard to get a ticket to bring him back home, he just couldn’t make it and those heartless people took his life from him. My dear friend, whom I’d been talking to barely two weeks past was taken, a son, a brother a, lover, a hommie, a husband and father to be…never to be again…May His Soul Rest in Peace.

William was vibrant, funny, interesting, friendly, lovable, caring and so many other things and he inspired so many people and helped a lot more in so many ways. Once he had been lost but there was a time I could talk to him and I’d feel that he has changed and was still changing. There never will be another like him.

My only regret is to not have spent more time with him, talked to him more, done more things with him, but you know what, it’s just a little bit too late for that. So here’s my advice to y’all out there who have a loved one and are not taking the time to be close to them and merely taking them for granted, life/time will not wait around for you to wake up and realize you need to live your life. It will pass you by like a flash of light and you will not know what hit you, but by the time you realize that, it WILL be too late. Just stop regretting and wishing for the unattainable and just be grateful for what you have, you don’t know when you might lose it. There’s no time for “What ifs,” trust me.



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The Will (My Work)

The Will                          19.02.2011 


Like a flower in spring

Like the river flowing from a spring

Like a parent who knows what is best

They’ll watch you blossom like the flower in spring

They will nurture you as you flow and grow like the water-spring

And when the time comes they will let you leave their nest

Let you spread your wings like a freed bird.

The journey will be long

Make your will stronger

There are accidents

There are opportunities

You will lose yourself in trying to find yourself

There will be fear and there will be tears

Your ‘will’ will get you through most of it

Self-confidence and believe is the greater key

In gaining some, you will lose a lot

From your peers you will seek comfort

Perseverance will keep you coming forward

You can trip, you can fall

But never stay on the ground

The journey is still long

Your wings are merely fractured

And with a helping hand from a friend

You will await them to mend


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