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Love / Hate / The finer Line

A normal person would take a lot of time to do everything possible to have the person they love, love them back. They would show their love through kindness and generosity, and care and words – whatever it takes, because they know that that love is precious to them and is what would make them happy -but that is what a normal person would do.

A person who would do anything possible to get someone else to hate them because they are too scared of the truth or facing the possibility that someone is capable of loving them wholly and completely must certainly be evil. How could you possibly trade the greatest thing God ever made for the worst thing that ever sprouted out of man’s once pure heart? Hate over Love?

Most people are searching for love, desperate for it. Some spend a lifetime never truly experiencing this amazing one-of-a-kind feeling, never knowing what it’s like to love and be loved; and yet there are other people who would easily throw it away, do horrible and unfathomable things to people who love them just because they are scared and cruel.

But here’s the thing, love is love. It can never be traded for hate, it can never be replaced or tainted or forgotten. It can hurt, but it will always find the strength to let go and forgive, to heal in due time and grow again. IF what you feel in your heart is truly Love and not a semblance of it, then no matter how horrible a person is, no matter how hurt you get, you will always find a way to forgive, because hating someone is so much harder than to just love them, and because that Love is truer than anything else, stronger than any mistake or pain.

There’s no such thing as “one day she/he will get tired of loving you” – if they get tired of loving you then they never really did in the first place. Love can never get tired. It just understands that sometimes this person was not the right one for me, he/she has already moved on and found something better, and one day I will too. Do not listen to someone who tells you that Love isn’t worth it, that it will eventually end, that they will hurt you in ways you can’t imagine and you will hate them, because that is a lie.

Love IS worth it, it will never end. Yes, it will hurt at some point, but you will always find the strength within that love to heal and forgive. When they hurt you, look into your heart, find that part of you that knows the truth, that realizes that whatever they are doing to hurt you is because they may be scared, or aren’t ready for your love, so they will hurt you in the hope of chasing you away by hate.

Once you get past the anger and pain, you will open your eyes and you will see the truth. You will forgive them and possibly still love them because you know they need that love, that pure and strong love. If they choose to use you as an outlet for all the things they cannot let out elsewhere, let them. Be that outlet for them, be the strength they need and give them the Love only you know how.

IF you truly Love someone and you believe they are worth it, do not ever let them push you away through hate because of their fear. Let them find another way, an honest way, not the cowardice way!

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Like a Lucky Blessing

The day I met you was like luck
The kind of luck that comes with like a blessing
My day began like any other
but with time I felt like nothing
Empty and devoid of any emotions
I did not want to be like that
Nor did I welcome the idea of going anywhere
But a force pulled me like a magnet
Had I not met you everything would have been like before
Empty and devoid of any emotions
But like I said
Meeting you was like luck
The kind of luck that comes with like a blessing
Tomorrow I will tell you
How lucky I have been
How blessed I am
To have someone like you
As part of my life.
It certainly is like a lucky blessing.
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Psalms 18:1-2

I love you, LORD. You are my strength. The LORD
is my rock, my protection, my Savior. My God is my rock. I can run to him for
safety. He is my shield and my saving strength, my defender.

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Have You Ever Seen Tomorrow?

What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you open your eyes in the morning? Some would be groaning because it’s early morning and they have to get out of bed and go about their chores. Some would probably start thinking about yesterday’s events. Others would spend the day thinking about what they have prepared for the day and how they will get through it. Some would even wish that morning wouldn’t come.

Yet, very few people would take the time to just thank God that they are looking at a new day. To simply take reverence in such an opportunity to wake up once again and live yet another day. Most of us just take for granted that we are alive to live another day, without thinking that some people have not lived to see another day, or have not woken in good health.

Each day we wake up and see the bright sun, it is a sign of hope from God. He has shown us that we still have a chance to make something different, to change our behavior, thoughts, actions and way of life. It is hope that He still believe we can change and He is giving us that opportunity to do so. Hope in a better us. In a better future. We spend hours of thinking what we will do next week, next month, next year, or where we will be in ten years from now, when in actuality we should just spend a day thinking of what we can do today, NOW.

“Have you ever seen tomorrow?” Once i heard this quote and it made me think. We never see tomorrow, because we are in today. Yet most of us spend the time trying to live in the past or the future, never in the present. How can we not understand that the past can not be changed and that the future can not be altered. We can only hope that tomorrow may hold good promises but should just spend time to make today the best it can be. Worrying about what has not yet happened is just lost energy that could be used to do something more productive RIGHT NOW!

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Take a Minute

Is it so hard to believe that God is as kind as His words. He promises and delivers, He says that we can always turn to Him when we have no where else to go and He will be there; you tell me, has He ever broken that promise? He says that when our burden is too heavy to carry, we can call on Him and He will lighten it for us; how many times has He made that burden for you easier to carry? Above all, He has given us a chance to always go back to Him even when our mistakes seem beyond reparation. How many times have you fallen to sin and felt like “this time, I’ve really gone too far, surely He will not forgive me for this” but when you turned around and called upon Him again He did not turn His face away from you but came straight to your aid.

How many times?

You yourself know the answer to that. We are always complaining on small issues. When things don’t go the way we want, we start to complain and blame others and sometimes even God. We easily forget the good we have received, the countless times HE came to us even when we didn’t deserve it. The minute one thing goes wrong we forget all of that. Take a minute and look around you. Take a minute and see all the love that surrounds you, the joy you have had in your life, the various opportunities that have “fallen'” at your feet. How many people do you think have had such pleasures?

A few days ago I was looking at myself and how I grew up. I considered our family poor. But then I looked back and I saw something different. We had clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, food in our mouth and a roof over our heads and to top it all off, we had an education and two parents! How can I say that we were poor if all that was at our disposal? Yes, our shoes at times had holes, our clothes sometimes dirty and torn, and we might even have shared a bed amongst three of us, but we had them nonetheless. And we had the gift from God of parents who looked after us and made sure we never went to bed hungry. It wasn’t by mere chance but because God looked down on us and provided for us. Look at where we are now and I know there can’t be a reason to complain.

Sometimes things go awry and we forget for a moment the goodness we have had. But we always need to look around us and see that things could be far worse. There are people who do not have the life you have. Not even an ounce of it. God has give you so mucn more than you deserve. You  have shelter, food, clothing and yes those might be materials things but they are the most essential. Not forgeting that if you have family and friends, then you have the greatest gift ever from God- the gift of LOVE!

Take a minute and look at you. I once read somewhere of a little girl who woke up each morning and counted her blessings. If she counted seven blessings then she counted herself amongst the luckiest people alive. So why dont you wake up each morning and count your blessings. They dont even have to be seven because if you woke up to see the Lord’s new day then you already have the greatest blessing you could ask for- the gift if LIFE!

Take a look and see that the Lord has been more than good to you and simply enjoy His gift of Life to you.

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Letting go and taking chances

So the new year has kicked off. The beginning of what everyone wants to be the start of something new. The year has began and we are all hoping that it will betterr than the last. That we will find better friends, better people to trust, better lover, better jobs, better everything.
We all began the year differently with our different expectations and hope and prayers. We all began with different issues that defined how we were going to get through the year and somehow we got through it. Maybe not how we imagined it, or how we hoped it will go through, but someone, one step at a time, we got through it.
Some of the people we loved dearly werent so lucky to get through it, some of them were unfortunately left behind…but our prayers are still with them and in our hearts they have moved ahead with us, they have made it to 2014 with us.

So once again here we go. The year has began and we are looking forward with new expectations and hopes. Whatever happened last year, no matter what we went through the last year, no matter how tough it got, no matter how much we wanted to give up, through it all we held our heads up high and kept walking right through it and stepped into 2014. Life gets harder every day and challenges are all around us but as long as we persevere we can just make it through anything.

Here is a chance to amend our wrongs, lay a new path to tread and pray to God to pave the way for us.
To all who made it to 2014, welcome. Be thankful to God that you have made it this far and keep praying for those who didn’t.
God bless you all in this year and remember to always keep your head held high.

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