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Walking Away

I saw you today
I wanted to call you
But I was afraid
I was afraid that you would ignore me
I was afraid that you wouldn’t recognise me
So I walked away
And tried not to look back
To look back at what I was leaving behind
To look back at all the possibilities
To the happiness that I was giving up
I know I will always carry you with me
I know that tomorrow I will wake up reaching out for you
And I will remember
That I left you on that sidewalk
Because I was afraid
I was afraid that you might break my heart
So, i walked away once again
I’m sorry
We were too late
So please do like me
And Just walk away
Because our hearts could not endure the pain
It’s better that we both walk away and never look back

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How does one live without their heart?

When you have lost it, what is there that keeps you going? How do you breathe? Are you even alive anymore? When all you feel is hollowness, an emptiness so big it’s like an abyss?

Do you keep breathing? When you wake up everyday and know that the inside of your chest is a hollow bottom? The hole so deep there’s no end?  You keep that smile on your face and let everyone think you got it all under control when inside it’s like a raging storm?

How do you live when you know that your heart is lost? Do you still live or are you just going through the motions like an animal? With no purpose or destination?

When the storm rages on and you plaster a smile on your face so they don’t see your weakness, your fear running so deep it’s a pit of blackness; is that the part you are living for?

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You pulled me so close
I could barely breath
I was knocked breathless
As I crashed into you
The fall was so strong
The moment so memorable
Desirable beyond comparison
With just a glance of your eye
I melted into your embrace
There, lay safety
There, lay peace
I couldn’t imagine it otherwise
Everything that stood before me
This moment
Was all I could ever want
Then you pulled away
But I couldnt let go
I crashed
Unable to hold upright
Breathing became difficult
The air left me just as you did
All I could see was the back of you
The eyes that used to make everything right
Were no longer there
For a moment you had me so close
For a while you’d had me completely lost

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