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I will

When the skies are dark, and the sun does not shine;
I will be there to shine your path
When the storms come raging, and the winds are blowing
I will be there to keep you calm
When your strength fails you
I will be your strength
When your faith fades
I will be there to help you believe again
When you lose hope and forget your purpose
I will be your hope, I will be there to remind you everyday
I will not let you walk a dark path alone
I will not let you swim the stormy days alone
I will be your strength, I will give you hope
I will give your life purpose and meaning
When all else fails
I will have enough faith for the both of us
I will be your hope through the despair
I will be your sun through the darkness
I will be your everything when there’s nothing left
I will be your family when everyone turns their back on you
Have hope and know I will be there through thick and thin.

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How does one live without their heart?

When you have lost it, what is there that keeps you going? How do you breathe? Are you even alive anymore? When all you feel is hollowness, an emptiness so big it’s like an abyss?

Do you keep breathing? When you wake up everyday and know that the inside of your chest is a hollow bottom? The hole so deep there’s no end?  You keep that smile on your face and let everyone think you got it all under control when inside it’s like a raging storm?

How do you live when you know that your heart is lost? Do you still live or are you just going through the motions like an animal? With no purpose or destination?

When the storm rages on and you plaster a smile on your face so they don’t see your weakness, your fear running so deep it’s a pit of blackness; is that the part you are living for?

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