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Know Thy Worth!

Never try to change your man, if he thinks you’re worth changing for, he will come to that realization all by himself. If he never reaches that realization, then get out because you know your worth is so much more. Do not stay in a relationship that diminishes your value, your standards or the person you believe yourself to be.

Just because he has shown you some attention, showed you off to his friends, and maybe took you to a club does not mean he values you. People keep saying that in the world of today there is no need to court someone or pamper them, and that is just wrong. If a man is not ready to take you out to a romantic dinner every once in a while, treat you like the queen of his heart, put you first when it matters, then really it’s not worth it. Be with a man who will do those things for you; a man who believes that those things MATTER! If he thinks doing those things will make him “gay” then find yourself a REAL man.

If you yourself do not believe you deserve these things then there is no way he will give them to you. Be willing to step up your standards and show that you deserve them and if he isn’t willing to provide them, then stop wasting your time. You should never have to beg for his attention, or his time, and especially not his love. If he’s not willing to give these things to you freely then he is just playing with you until he finds the one he’s willing to do those things for.

Don’t stay in a relationship where you are merely a pawn, because you will get knocked over so much before you even come close to being a queen, and even then that’s a huge possibility that may never come true. And even if in the end it is possible, why would you put yourself through all that? Why don’t you wanna be the queen that stands by her king and makes him stronger? Truth is, if he hasn’t made you his queen in the beginning, if he hasn’t shown that you are worth the effort, then you probably never will be, and waiting for it to happen, for him to change and do that is really a waste of your time and efforts.

Be strong enough to believe that you are worth it. To love and be loved in the same amount is a rare gem, something many people no longer believe in; but the truth is, I believe that if you are willing to open up to the possibility that such a love can and does exist, then someday it will find its way to you. Just be brave enough to Hope!

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Unappreciated (Women)

There is no greater harm than being unappreciated, especially by the people we wish to be noticed and appreciated by. We can be unappreciated from love, from our work and performances, unappreciated from our efforts and all that we do.  Yes, we all have that sense of being unappreciated and yet, I believe the greatest disappointment is how much men do not appreciate women and their efforts.

Most men do not realise the amount of pain that women go through for their sake, the amount of trouble and great suffering they go through for them. You may find these days a lot of men who beat their wives because they cannot control themselves, because they are drunk and just because they feel like it and want something to punch on. Is that what women have been degraded to? Is that what they are sentenced to? Enduring more torment for men than necessary, to live like a punching bag? Is that what they are worth? Pain and suffering? And for what? For what?

No, women are not appreciated like they should be, they are not given the respect they deserve, instead they are treated like animals, terrorized and abused. Women are raped everyday, and that is not only women, but young children and kids who are molested by some perverts who have no shame; the lowest of the lowest. Is that really the way to treat women, is that what they are subjected to? Abuse, pain, torment? And all that for what? Women keep up with all that for what?

No, we do have the power to leave, we do have the power to make a life for ourselves, and yet we chose to keep up with it, we chose to keep up with the abuse and pain and the in-appreciation from men. It’s true, men have the power to hurt us, but only because we give them that power, only because we let them have that power.

To all the men out there who have so little appreciation for the women in their lives and in the world in general, you only have the power to hurt us because we let you have it. The only reason you can hurt us is because we let you do that. You might think we are stupid in doing that, but someone’s got to have hope in this world; hope that someday you might change, open your eyes and see that we deserve to be appreciated and respected.

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